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Thinking about tweeting Jodi Mack the Twitter handle is at Judy mac man here's a tip don't be boring I got a ton of tweets but it's just people read tweaking what I tweeted earlier in the day and your liking my tweets that's not gonna get the job done you actually have to share a thought a point you guys actually give me something searching your tweets for the mac Daddy tweet of the day here's to the Max and down the stretch we combine knack to end for the shelves since we're running out of time we only got twenty some odd minutes left here but will make the most of it get on my phone is eight five five two one two four two two seven or you could steal the Daddy Mack we did today best we we get is the mac Daddy I got a good one and I'm leaning toward did you have to be outstanding but if you want take the shot the send it right away I Jodi Mack man J. O. D. Y. M. A. C. M. A. N. made from jerseys on the lines meet your on CBS sports radio they recall how you doing you got it but how you doing good good okay we feel which is around the corner you know and I'm thinking it's only to a small college will being mark signed and then fall because we changes waiting for my range I know the I know the law so that's a big kid losing down next to a cop cars back as you know eighty one a star wide receiver is and if girl is that right I I think there's like four deep to draft their own bank they had garden Tennessee Justin Davis in your U. S. C. that they're near I mean why they if they were they were afraid to use their running backs in there even discount it I mean there is a one issue okay and same old timey Brady I write down Brady got well you did nothing you laid an egg got principally in a small ball I'm a goth guys so I expecting a bounce back year from him but E. mentioned the options they have it running back other than girlie I know well later Anderson stepped in and did really well formed a I didn't keep him but they went a different direction I need to see one of those guys stepped in one of those guys stepped up improves Carly's add a line up he can carry the load it's not a problem then I'm with you during the rams are an absolute Superbowl contender again I don't think they're gonna miss indictment can sue all that much he was silent for them last year but he wasn't the one of the comics would to read best defensive tackles in football like you had been at one stage was great just not that player anymore so I don't think that's a massive loss it's the running back position in Gurley's help that scares me about the ramps do you think are I mean you're in the wrong bank uses is gained more prominent just as important you know even fashionable and there was more to it New Zealand back so they could really arrests you know like you know like like basketball you know the lady that the main star star in the first quarter in the in the fourth quarter no cancel out on June girl you bring it on the second third court understandable and that may be the way they decide to handle it because most NFL teams do very few teams AB one back only one back guy comes in just give him one play often departs at one point in the second half no it's a combination after with multi Miranda national public now if you have a Z. go well it or take one Barkley or Todd Gurley yes they are so good that you want them out there as much as humanly possible and that you are balancing it when you get him off the field basically to preserve them rather than give a team a different look because you don't believe you're running back is different look is going to be enough to justify not having your superstar running back on the field Gurley is that good what does it mean that the rams can't build a running game with him taking a lesser role they're paying him is if he's going to be a bell cow back why do you you can still come up with that kind of an offense and make it a a successful one and I've got one of the better off into mine called plays over their form so I'll certainly give the head coach slash shop and deported to the benefit of the doubt going into the season but I need to see all my own eyes I'm not just going to say it will be fine because he's that good to play caller and I got that kind of faith in him that he's going to be able to do that you input in anybody and they're gonna start that's just no I don't know that I'm not that I am I'm pretty high on but I'm not that high on him so yeah girly concerns me and that's why I'm leaning toward eagles over the rams of you know match you're pretty good call or in a good listener I pictograms go to Super Bowl last year before the season started which day were a team that had the made the playoffs and got beaten the wild card round the year before so they warrant chalk going into the season but they will my A. N. F. C. champion kick back and they did they got the job done I'm not doubling down on him I'm going to the team that won the NFC before them the year before and that's the eagles probably because I'm is bigger cars went fan as I am there's some people that are questioning Carson Wentz I Saudi evaluators before the season started Madden who will yeah I know it's just a game but ask an F. L. players that they don't know what their madding Madden rating is all all of them know all in home care Carson Wentz was the eleventh ranked quarterback tied for eleventh best quarterback projecting going into the season I just get the feeling and Hey I may eat a lot of crawl on this one I get the feeling that people are projecting in predicting Carson Wentz is going to go down with another significant injury again this year I know he's done in two years running happened last year when by the two years ago when by the way when he went down in the game against the rams he was in on it on an M. B. P. course now you know I do shows in Philadelphia the way the eagle fans like to stated he would have won the MVP I can't say that he may have won the MVP he would surely in the M. B. B. conversation at that time all we even go so far as to say okay fine if you want to say he was the leader in the clubhouse at that time we don't know what he would have done if he played the last weekend so we don't know if he would have won the MVP but we do know he was in the conversation last year he comes back he wasn't as dominant the players he was the previous year he one bad is numbers were pretty damn goodies completion percentage was biased any short career I think he was playing heard all later I still don't think he was one hundred percent back from the injury that he had I think use play in art so if there was a slight drop what I'm going to cut him some slack because of the injury that I believe he was playing with I DO you started your art and then I had the heart is back and he played through the pain in his back and eventually had to to down for the rest of the season I'm going into the season this is Jeff make maybe I'm the cockeyed optimist blue sky kind of guy because I remember how to debate back in the I just got I got to talk to me Eduardo brands you recognize the name he does starting a base for you if we had I not Sunday night baseball but during the week baseball ESPN broadcast I'll I'll do a yeah radio show what I'm everyone's Lantieri sex and MLB network radio we did one before the season started and I'd put Clayton Kershaw in my top five pitchers in baseball about what year started and he said I was nuts he said how can you do that Kerr shows her churches there I said no he's not I'm going into this season believing Clayton Kershaw is going to get his thirty start if you're not you're gonna project that he's going to be hurt yeah I can see what you leave out of the top ten Eduardo didn't ma'am is top ten I am in my top five and he said you're crazy have Kerr sure that I'd well I believe quite Kershaw still taught by pitcher anytime that kind of a season these check the number check the status is that good for the Dodgers in a run away with the NL west I always believe a guy's going to be healthy every slated to start the season healthy and Carson Wentz participated in the eagles preseason stop and they'll open up camp this week and all I hear is he's healthy I'm not gonna projected guy going backwards because he's going to get hurt because he had been hurt in previous seasons I'm a glass half full guy so I didn't consequence is going to be healthy any of these L. P. yeah I think he's an MVP candidate this year with the eagles wide receiver corps maybe an upgraded running game at mile Sanders dead dead could they drafted compensatory in the second round at a year under the belt for the two tight ends playing together Diego offense of line you're gonna get one more year added there left tackle they drafted is replacement in the first round I think there are fans going to score points if you hadn't done prison to damn good art and culture I I think the eagles are certainly team to beat the NFC east and they may be the team to beat overall in the NFC that's just I I have a specific Mack Daddy tweeted today which may take a little of explaining so I'm gonna go there a little early today the tweet came in from rob Campbell who said combined Jody postseason achievement matter in parentheses a lot in a I am all in my opinion and David Ortiz is the greatest DA Capper the reason AT twenty test was because I said I thought Edgar Martinez was the greatest DA cap I had more quite chance big game moments there anyone in the past twenty years glad to see a good get in it's well deserved but David Ortiz is the greatest DH here's where I went with that I don't think.

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