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Traffic and weather first on talkradio six eighty WCBS. Here's our traffic. Coach Chuck Whitaker. Sure. On some of those guys say don't let the door hitch an ass on the way out. I've heard that. Been a rough morning big wreck on the capitol. Beltway still their inner loop. Good luck road right before the VW Parkway delays from college park on the inner loop of the capitol. Beltway that section of I ninety five the construction on the tidings bridge southbound finally clearing very late lifting construction this morning about the backup at two twenty two coming out of county is now dissipating the accident is still there and debris on the roadway. Southbound eighty three and pidonia that's still affecting the right side. The ramp is confirmed that it is blocked. You have no access from pidonia road to southbound Eighty-three. She'll have to go down and use the ramp at two Monia Modina the backup Eighty-three. The slowdown begins at Warren road, you'll need to be to the center and the left hand lane. Two. Major wrecks in Harford county this morning northville road near jolly acres road. That's on route twenty three and the other wreck in northeastern Harford county at Darlington road at deer creek road. And there's also a road. Blockage problem there. I'm Chuck would occur with traffic and weather first. I'll talk radio six eighty WCBS. Thank you. Chuck six no seven seventeen on Friday. Today's weather partly cloudy, high of forty eight tonight dropping down to thirty eight so not freezing. And saturday. We kick off with clouds and a high of fifty right now. Frank right.

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