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Year old son was allegedly killed by his father or the mother of Thomas Alva filed papers yesterday demanding permanent custody of her other two young boys Thomas Volvo the eight year old who was allegedly left to freeze in his father's garage in center Moriches Justina zoom co a Volvo says in the petition to the court she wants sole custody of her other sons Anthony age ten and your age six she also requested workers from child protective services stay away from her family she says in her petition since they failed her family they should be allowed to be involved with them anymore Thomas's father forty one year old Michael Volvo and NYPD transit officer and his girlfriend remain behind bars being held without bail on charges of second degree murder for forcing the boy allegedly to sleep in the unheated garage during below freezing temperatures they have both pleaded not guilty some negative news this morning after a new climate change study is released it felt warmer last year at least it felt that way it was last year was the second warmest on record the past decade was the hottest in human history and January was the warmest January since eighteen fifty two the U. N. weather agency's annual climate report the amount of carbon dioxide methane and nitrous oxide emitted three greenhouse gases broke records smoke and pollutants from Australia wildfires reached around the globe causing a spike in carbon dioxide the agency says warming of oceans has led to unusual tropical storms U. N. secretary general says there is no time to lose of a climate catastrophe is to be prevented that is corresponding chucks Iverson wins news time five thirty seven we'll take a look at ten ten wins entertainment next what's up Philly it's Mickey leaper I'm doing a stand up comedy tour with victory brewing company's monkey bunch all over the east coast one in on the fun check out victory gear dot com slash monkeys to learn how you can catch me at Union County club on March twenty sixth K. also accepting boats motorcycles R. V.'s in real estate donations brings new time five thirty eight time for ten ten wins entertainment sign of the times already Ms it's the end of the world has cracked the iTunes top one hundred iTunes didn't even exist on the song first came out thirty three years thirty three years ago in nineteen eighty seven it did peak then on the Billboard hot one hundred back in number sixty nine it is currently number seventy three on the iTunes list probably not given to the corona virus pandemic we are experiencing a lot of talk of course about being held back in the late because of coronavirus not this one Disney announcing yesterday frozen two will drop early on the Disney plus streaming service several months early and facts of the family scooped up by the coronavirus have something else to do with adoption center is open daily and what films are shutting down.

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