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I'm doing like we'll team and fifty nine sixty five michigan so michigan wins sixty nine sixty five fifteen hundred making that competition rosie i'll go villanova seventy three sixty what right i'm gonna go with what tim mccormack said that the wolverines we'll pull it out and not giving you a story about the game excuse me while i with this i will i will for for for giggles i'll say this will be one of those magic nights kind of like nineteen eighty nine when nobody expected michigan to win that championship either and i'll say they win by three michigan michigan migrate young deer now how about jordan pool without winning shah i like it that might be something i'm mike poulson and i we will see you tomorrow between five and seven ken brown this has mitch albom saying we gotta go from the golden tower of the fisher building this is the great voice of the great lakes seven sixty wjr detroit high clouds thirty nine degrees good evening i'm ken rogulski wjr news it's party time in ann arbor is the wolverines get set to play villanova for the big championship in the nc double a sports bars are packed lieutenant rene bush of the ann arbor police department is urging everyone to have a good time but do it safely we want people to be in a celebratory spirit but we don't want people climbing up trees and flagpoles and light poles as well we want everyone to be safe a massive viewing party has been set up inside the chrysler center on campus with season ticket holders and students getting first crack at the seats plus there will be a limited number of seats for the general public fans especially.

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