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Rachel. So I saw this story rate and whatever something about it. You know, your politicians at so much people are backstabbing and digging for dirt on you and trying to get you to fold up your tent when you're running for something. Our next guest face that Evanston, Wyoming is I'm not sure how big is. We'll we'll talk to her about it. But somebody sneak attacked her. Sneak attack though, I'm guessing it was leaked to the press. And they came and confronted her on it. That's my guess. And that's what I want to talk to her about it. Here. She is from Evanston, Wyoming Deborrah Reno. How are you? Hi, I'm doing quite. Well, thank you. So would you agree with my assessment that your opponent leak this to the press, and they confronted you on it? I I agree that it was leaked to the press. I don't know who leaked it yet. And they confront me. I was doing a massage a week ago. Friday, I was in the middle of doing a massage for a woman whose son had just died. She couldn't afford you get a massage. So, wow, I gave her I was giving her a free massage and someone kept knocking on the door. People knock on my massage. You're pretty regularly looking to see if I have time to give them just a quick massage or whatever. So and I said to the woman, I'm very sorry. Give me just a second. I just need to ask the person to priest knocking and it was a camera crew standing outside my massage room. I had no idea that I was about to be on the news. So in that manner. Yeah. It was a sneak attack. Now. Tobacco up. So that people know what happened? You had an alter ego online that was part of a community be the right word to say community. That sells it where you can find us underwear and used garments. Is that correct? FM? So someone found this out. And that's what the news crew was there to confront you about. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Now, there's also a strip teasing to videos right kind of involved with this. Those were little snippets that I did on Instagram just for fun. You can't really you can't show things on Instagram. So it was just like a little. To get more more business to my panty website. I had an Instagram account. Okay. Follow me on that was one of those things that they have friends. Okay. Okay. Just so that people know the back story. Okay. So you're alter-ego misty Crockett. Now that you've deleted that account. Now is that true? I. I have related those accounts, but I've gotten hundreds of emails every day about bringing Missy back to life and. You know, I'm I'm kind of thinking I might need to bring misty back to life. Although prudence would probably say to wait until after the election. I mean, what kind of feedback you get from the populace Arab Evanston as far as this goes. I mean, this I'm guessing you made a little bit of money doing this. I did I did make some money doing it. And I mistakenly told the TV reporter I said, well, I made respectable money. And he kind of looked at me cockeyed. And I said okay respectable is probably not the correct word. But I did make money doing it. Yes. Now, do you file like sales tax on that stuff? Because that's just like that. Just intrigues me to no end how how it works where you know. This is this is your side business. Yes. It is MC enterprises. And we I only just started a year ago. So on my next tax return. I I'm self employed anyway with my massage business and my yoga instructor instructing. So this will be another part of my self employment. Just another entity like a business entity. Sure. Okay. So as far as selling your dirty underwear and whatnot. What better way to put it? Where did the idea come from? I know it's been out there for a while you hear about that kind of stuff. What what what brought to you the game? Well, it's funny. I have I have five daughters and one of them, and I were talking one day. And she was telling me about orange is the new black which I've never watched. I guess I should. And she was telling me about how this girl is making money. And I'm like is that a sane? And my daughter was like, why are you wouldn't believe it, and then I was at a little coffee shop in town. We ha- we used to have a little copy out here. And we're talking to a friend about it. I'm like, can you believe that and they'll little barista girl? She said, oh, my girlfriend does that kind of money, and I'm really not a thing. And she's like, yeah. It is. So I let the idea in for a while because I'm not one to jump into things to to have hazardously believe it or not. And so I started doing some research online, and I found out that. Yes. Indeed. That is actually a thing. So they're misty was born. Missy was born my husband. And I I I was gonna ask what how does your husband feel about this? I'm deborah. He calls me misty. And so I one day I said, you know, I could do this. But I don't wanna do it with my name. I don't want people around here to know. I do that. 'cause they'd freak out. So he said, well, how about if you're just misdee- misty could be mystique. And so yeah, that was board. Yeah. So how does your husband feel about it? Obviously, it does doesn't seem to bother him. He thinks it's really hot. No. He gets to when we're in Las Vegas. He likes to come with me, Victoria secret because they let him go in the dressing room in Vegas in Salt Lake City. That's not even allowed. They're not really even accept to be in the store. They're like why? Are you your weirdo? But he likes to help me pick stuff out. And he finds Q and he likes to take pictures. And I mean, we're pretty stable in our marriage. So it's not like he threatened. I'm not I don't ever meet any of these. I would never meet any of these people that would never be a thing. So. Yeah. So would you say that your your side business was born out of kind of financial interest or a sexual interest? I you know, I would say it would mostly curiosity. I thought well cool if I could make money doing this and my husband, and I are having a great time doing it. It seems like it seemed like win win. And we did talk about the possibility that it could be found out because this is a really small town. There's about ten thousand people just a little over just a little under ten thousand in the whole town. So it's it's not a large population. So there was always that that concern that somebody might find out. And that's exactly what happened. So nobody in town until this news report thing happened really knew anything about what you were doing. Nobody. Nobody ever said anything to me about knowing it. Someone told me extent it's been the topic of every day every conversation every massage. Everybody wants to ask me about it. And I totally understand that. But. Somebody said to me this week. Well, I heard that they somebody up at the senior center new, and they were looking they were showing like old guys were showing each other pictures on somebody's marts on that their grandkids showed them how to use. So I think there were some people who kind of knew about it. And I don't think anybody thought it was a huge deal. I mean, you know, it's a small town. So people in the Bartok, I'm not I don't really go to the bar. So I wouldn't have heard that conversation and tell someone in the political arena thought, it would maybe be beneficial for my opponent right now, you said you've gotten a lot of interest renewed interest in. Emails from people around here. I hope. I don't know anonymous Email addresses anybody can make up any name. But so I don't know where the where they're coming from. I know where I sit panties to I've never sold them. Like in Wyoming. There's only like five hundred thousand people here. So so could this be a windfall for your business though? I mean, it's it's might be negative for your political career that has yet to be seeing you're not dropping out. But. Could this be something that could actually really improve your business? I think it could really improve my business. I think it could be very beneficial to my business, and you know, it's not doing anything. I mean, it's slightly distasteful. You know? A lot of my old lady clients are kind of like I would never think about that. Dear. Why would you do such a thing? But for the most part people people that I talk to are like, you know, if you wanna do where things we already know you're weird you do yoga. Nobody does that go. They kinda kinda fits in. With people already think, I'm weird. So I know there are a lot of people who are really angry or disgusted or morally a find it objectionable. But most of them don't talk to me. They don't approach me. And I'm completely off Facebook for a little while probably till after the election because I don't want to read all the negative crap. That people will be saying, I don't wanna see I don't wanna make myself that upset so all right with that. Good luck to you have you seen any? How's the polling? Working out for you. You've your your opponent for Evanston city council. Well, I there's someone who someone who did not make it through the primary has buried a writing campaign 'cause he thinks that that might be able to beat me and beat my opponent. I you know, I think I still have a better than half chance of beating my opponent sixty percent. How do you feel about your opponents statement? He put out that where he kind of for lack of a better. Word condemned you morally for yeah. How do you feel about? Oh, well, I expected it. And I was surprised that it wasn't much harsher. I know that there is a large segment of the population here who would agree with that. Hopefully, they won't all go to vote and hopefully by ward, but I I know the the religious climate in which I live is very judgmental and harsh, and that was about what I would expect have expected him to say, and I totally understand. And I I understand where he's coming from. And you know, I know there are a lot of people who agree with that. All right with that Deborrah. We appreciate your talking to us. Good luck. Thank you so much have a wonderful day you too. So there is Bora. I'm gonna have to call my wife Deborrah from you should Reno. Hey over under on her possibly leaking this to get a lot of clientele for her business. I, you know, I don't know what the way you think because I think that could be. Oh, I think it's going to be a windfall for no doubt about that. Yeah. I mean because city council doesn't pay that much. We know what we should have given out her her. I don't know how you you order if you've just joined us over this. This lady was sells her dirty under things on online. Well, I don't think I don't think it's up. Currently does what she said. It was taken down temporarily Crockett she goes by talking about bringing it back. Yeah..

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