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That was him describing like killing a deer. Yeah totally normal. It was just. It was so i think that was one of the more eerie moments for me watching that because he just so plainly talks about killing like he's in being. Yeah nothing like. It's literally hunting game. Yep so it's just so odd so that leads into kind of the next piece here. Unfortunately obviously this young man did not return to his family so the they filed a missing persons report clearly as they would now. The owner of that pharmacy named gave as the contractor that peace had gone to meet with and of course they went to casey's house gase denied any involvement in this and But differing looking all this up. They also did a criminal background check of gase which uncovered the outstanding battery charge against him in chicago and uncovered the fact that he had served a prison sentence in iowa for what he did with that fifteen year old boy so they went and talked to him and still denied. Everything said he left the pharmacy. Shortly after eight which was around the time of his appointment and then said you know. I had nothing to do with it. And also he actually. They asked him to come down to the police station. He responded you guys are very rude. Don't you have any respect for the dead which is weird and Lot of very strange behavior here so all of this like this entire thing. This gase finally making a mistake in all the things he had done he had finally made a mistake. He had within earshot of other people discussed this with this boy who then went missing. Thirty three in. I guess he got lazy or people. Were just paying attention. this time. You know what i mean because it seems like if you read some of these cases seems like this should have been stopped at twelve or seven or you know far before he got to this point so it's either one of two things either like ryan said. He made a mistake or people. Were just paying attention this time. And were able to catch his catch. A hint of this guy absolately and I think that basically leaves us right into the investigation. So gays tipped his hand and now the police are actually really paying attention. So i think alex yes going to hand it over to you. Yes so.

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