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On KOMO news threats to kill the mayor and city council over the demolition of a bowling alley contrary harder with the charges out of Tacoma. From ABC news. I'm Brian Clark one day after the White House requested billions for southern border protection. Congressional Democrats Prestia ministration as to how that money will be spent for the second time this week acting homeland security secretary, Kevin McLean and went before congress at a Senate budget hearing Macalinsan defended the Trump administration's four point five billion dollar request to address the crisis of the southern border in the midst of an ongoing security and humanitarian crisis at south was border that apartment at the request of our frontline officers and agents needs additional resources to respond Nakhalin and says the majority of the funds would go towards shelter for unaccompanied children, improving processing, facilities, and humanitarian assistance and not for the wall, Monaco, Sarabi ABC news, Capitol Hill. Authorities and Georgia's say Scotty garnell moral has been executed via lethal injection for killing his ex girlfriend and another woman in one thousand nine hundred four a federal judge is calling his cooperation unprecedented convicted terrorist Najibullah Zazi. He's been sentenced to ten years in prison for plotting to bomb New York City subways a decade ago. He pleaded guilty facing life in prison, and then provided what prosecutors call extraordinary cooperation and America's fight against al-qaeda. Revealing key details of the terrorist groups training movements and recruitment methods meeting with investigators more than one hundred times seibt's Johnson pharmaceutical executive accused of paying doctors millions in bribes to prescribe a highly addictive Fenton all sprays been found guilty of racketeering, spears four x employees of insys therapeutics, including a former exotic dancer turned sales rep gave doctors lap dances were also convicted and a yacht owned by the church of Scientology remained docked and under quarantine on the island of Saint Lucia where they confirmed case of measles on board. An adviser Dominica's prime minister says the ship is no longer headed there. You're listening to ABC news. Stay connected. Stay informed. The KOMO evening news. Komo news time seven hundred to art Sanders. Top local stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center. Convicted murderers accused of threatening to kill the mayor of Tacoma and the city council over plans to demolish a bowling alley. Komo's Charlie harder has the story last month. Tacoma leaders approved plants you close the Pacific lanes. Bowling alley. And replace it with apartments. Charging documents say bowling alley customer. David. I'd became so enraged by this. He went out and bought a prepaid cell phone and called members of the city council and the mayor threatening to kill them over the plan Pierce county. Prosecutors say one threat to accountable member stated your family will be killed in front of your eyes. He was convicted of second degree murder in one thousand nine hundred to fourteen years in prison. He faces several felony charges in this case. And it's being held on a million dollars bail in Pierce county. Charlie Harger, KOMO news. Twenty three year old man pleaded not guilty. To murder charges today for a deadly carjacking and Kent curate. Cain was charged with first degree murder and unlawful possession of a firearm in the death of thirty eight year old Jared Sperling prosecutors also asked for a no contact order. Defendant context with any member cared. Spurling's family not for the defendant that number his members. President for today. Sperling had tried to stop the carjacking earlier this month by jumping in the back of his truck as the thief, drove off his body was found a day later in the abandoned truck bail for canes set at two million dollars early this morning. Woodland park zoo welcomed a baby giraffe tonight. Mom, and baby are being kept in a barn to give them some time to bond, and he was born just after five today while he's up and walking zookeepers keeping a close eye on his rear legs not walking quite normally on them right now. But as he gets stronger, hopefully, they think that'll change. Komo news. Time is seven four AAA traffic..

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