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Said July August you just full speed when he asked you about the possibility of a recession he said it may be I'm curious if there is a recession when you think that might well I don't I don't number one determine recession I just say this we have an invisible enemy we have a problem that a month ago nobody ever thought about nobody into it you know well I've read about it I read about many years ago nineteen seventeen nineteen eighteen I've seen all of the different the different problems similar to this that we've had this is a bad one this is a very bad when this is bad in the sense that it's so contagious it's just so contagious sort of a record setting type contagion and the good part is the young people are they do very well and healthy people do very well very very bad for older people especially older people with problems my focus is really on getting rid of this problem this virus problem once we do that everything else is going to fall into place yes last night let rumors last night that you were going to put in a national curfew or some kind of you know take I've been running I feel I've been watching right exactly me too your people were saying this is the foreign disinformation campaign if that's what's going on four people messing with us on the internet I don't know I mean that I can't tell you if they are not and I think a lot of that media act actually has been very fair I think people are pulling together on this I really think the media's been very fair I think it could be that you have some foreign groups that are playing games but it doesn't matter we we haven't really determined to do that at all and hopefully we won't have to that's a very big step it's a step we can take but we have not decided to do it Jennifer Mr president two things one airlines and WestJet vessels.

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