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Rain, forty degrees. Angela Wagner waves her right to a speedy trial and judge Randy Deering orders. Her held without bond. Wagner is facing twenty two counts against her including eight counts of aggravated murder with death penalty specifications. The basic prison terms for a third degree felony or nine twelve eighteen twenty four thirty four thirty six months, the maximum fine ten thousand dollars there. Now gag orders in place for legal professionals involved in the cases, a pretrial hearing is set for January seventh. Jared alley NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w and arrest in an Alabama mall shooting that left two young people wounded and a former soldier dead inspector. Frank limca, the US. Us marshal service in Atlanta says the suspect is twenty year old Aaron Brown from Bessemer Alabama. We were able to arrest Mr Brown without incident at a relative's house, but back in the Birmingham suburb of Hoover, the police response to the shooting remains controversial in the chaos white after the Thanksgiving Day shooting kill twenty one year old EJ Bradford initially identifying him as the suspect relatives had witnesses say, however, he was no threat to officers. He combs ABC news, Atlanta. A giant piece of music history going up for auction. If you've ever wondered what kind of mix Led Zeppelin us when they recorded stairway to heaven. It was actually a mixing desk. Call the Helius console the same one. It turns out used by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Years later that recording console was combined with another one to make a giant piece.

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