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Ran into problems in two thousand eight when it came to verification so they drug us along for almost two years before we and we made watch concessions including taking them on the list of terrorist supporting states and when we finally got to the end where they had to abandon all those facilities tear them down get rid of the weapons verification that's when they walked away from the talks and so that's why i think we need to be so careful this time to make sure they do that first and then we start making so this is their playbook so far no deviation from the deception of before exactly john gordon i i assume that while the suspension on testing is in effect we have north korean technicians engineers scientists beavering away making all the improvements on the next generation of nukes and missiles what do you think about what they're doing at this particular time during the period of suspension well i think one thing the north koreans are doing is they're taking that thermonuclear weapon as you know that that test was was about ten times bigger no more than that it was about ten to fifteen times bigger at least than any other test eight ever conducted there now taking that and suring that it works on a warhead suzy regionalization they had was for highlyenriched uranium warheads there now designing the warhead actually put down missile and make the missile more effective i think they're also redesigning and still working on their three stage technology because the two mobile missiles we've seen them launch where two stage missiles so that's the next step they're probably working on that and again those those facilities where they work on their nuclear weapons were they were they work on their ballistic missiles those facilities are nowhere near places like young yonder or those are completely different facilities and there's no indication at all that they've shut those down you know down paul you know that he speaks straight talk when dealing with adversaries such as north korea what are you listening for in these coming weeks if there is to be a summit between the president and the dictator of a failed state what will tell you that the us is pressing hard for what it needs was shut down north korea's threat well i well two things i'd be looking for john and then i.

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