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Blood My name is Shelly, you can just call me Lee or alternatively, my. English name is Lilly and I come. From Shanghai China I sell for Olympic class single handedly Linke lazer radio and I've been to three. Olympic so far getting a bronze in Beijing two thousand eight an echoed in London When lily goes to? See it says a professional racing sailor but that competitive urge doesn't stop it being an. Emotional experience I started sailing at the age of ten at that time I was a swimmer when saying coach approach to my, parents I myself and then say would you like to give it a try the first time I bought the sailing boat and I find love with us our boat and by that. Time I started sailing for time though I was only ten. Years, out to start with my parents passed eighteen whether they should let me switch. From swimming sailing because, I will be leaving. Home stay with a team or year round, and from the age of ten to the next twenty. Years. I've only got the opportunity, to come, back, once a, year therefore I feel quite willing to sacrifice something in the pursuit of, my sailing career, despite having some here During loss and limited. Sight in one eye Lilly became an Olympic champion racing small. Three, meter long dingies that racing is done not far from the shore she doesn't. Venture out across oceans But the relationship with the sea is still intense and she like me like everyone who goes out. On the water knows the risk of capsize and, drowning, is always that she learned that at the age of twelve on a. Training trip with other young sailors After.

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