Trump signs measures to boost economic aid but could face challenges


As a package talks stalled in Washington President Trump announcing today at a press conference in New Jersey he's signing an executive order for another round of economic aid. Mr Trump says you will suspend payroll taxes, which he plans to make permanent by the end of a year. He says he also plans to extend unemployment benefits, adding a $400 a week benefit. Of course, John. It is correspondent anti Field tells us the courts may prevent some of that from happening on top of asking states to use money they've received and instead sent it to unemployed workers. The president's directing HUD to make sure people aren't thrown out of their homes, so I'm protecting people from eviction. Yet you've been hearing a lot about eviction and The Democrats don't want to do anything having to do with protecting people from eviction. That is not true. The democratically controlled House passed a bill 10 weeks ago, preventing evictions until next year. The president says he's also directing the Department of Housing and Urban Development to protect people from eviction. And then we will also extend student loan relief to the end of the year. The president signed the orders from his Bedminster Golf Club before leaving for a fundraising event or several of them in the Hamptons. He is now back in Bedminster. For the night.

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