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If we look at trends football seems more like oneoffs but i would say that this is one of the reasons why you keep todd bowles i actually went back and watch a lot of that jets game and the more and more i watched it actually the more press that i was and you know there's a couple things about you know you mentioned the good players you talk about how they don't have any good players than you just rattled off like five of them i mean what he was getting out of that defense against the saints on the road i mean that was incredible every letter williams left the game with a head injury in the fourth quarter and that's really when things sort of he has started to fall apart the fact that the saints went up early and that the jets were able to respond this game was really when you go back to it just a couple of plays here or there by no means that they get the doors blown off them in a game like this and the saints at one of the best teams in the nfc yes there are things that i like about here i love the fact that muhammad wilkerson didn't come to that gave sure you have to like that out of your coach he is the highest paid player on the team who said that he was late for a meeting and blamed it on something being wrong with a child and nobody believed him they left of all the anyway and so if that is what it takes to get the message across to someone a young player and if that's what it takes to get a message across against the got to a guy that you hope is going to be around for so long it'd be another one of those cornerstones then i like having the stones to do it i think that shows leadership where what i saw that was wrong with this game against the saints was i felt the offense of game plan was terrible i really do and i i hate to call a johnny more than i know that he he was a coach in new orleans and even centered on the broadcast roma back and listen to it that while the same.

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