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You take Thirteen points of piercing damage and you are pushed five feet back into this Square. as a giant like but list of bolt of what looks like energy flies through the air and slams into you just pushing you back from this this small construct about the size of like a dog all up a list of both like what you shot at the dragon and top of the keep slams into year. So now the Brita that fell Maher has off indicated as being a fake Brita. I need everyone in this Square to make a dexterity saving throw. 19 Frost 7 for Ben V for guy 7 for week Okay, so as you recognize this and as such you're able to sort of anticipate it as you watch Fast Ferry Fire leaps to life around your thighs. Can we get a DEX former c as well, please. Yeah, sorry. No problem. Nine, all of you are limned with like brilliant tons of purplish flame that seems like dance across your shape. And then she takes a quick look over at this age small construct. It kind of moves toward her stepping through her space staying in melee with you reek. Although your reaction is currently spent you watch as this this green energy Pulses from it again. And then falls upon felmar and film are you gain? 12 temporary hit points and you hear the guy that threw the flask at all as he says dammit Keller your protectors he'll in the wrong people again, and she says well, you're the one that installed the targeting scripts, so I don't want to hear it. And then The Alchemist with like the blue-skinned he's going to disengage from you reek and start to float into the air. about 15 feet and that'll.

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