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I admire chuck robbins at cisco we we we replaced john chambers who was a ceo i greatly admired i hate to say this because it's because he just died but paulo to leaney was one of the best man i ever knew as far as being friend of females tough guy nice guy and very qualified and i so i'm just going to give him that shoutout even though he's not with us let me ask about one in in your former orbit what about thirteen adela coming into microsoft making a lot of yes absolutely absolutely brilliant and brilliant because why you know brilliant because he moved fast he was willing to break glass he obviously knew what to do and i think i mean he did the unthinkable i mean he actually has microsoft back in the picture i mean i have a lot of time for him and and he's a nice guy let me ask you this one big change that he made consciously and now that's being carried out strategically as that microsoft is back in the partner and collaboration business which obviously they never were out of but the you know in the in the early years they did a lot more of that and and i i'm just curious whether you know trying to be the big dog in any fight which microsoft was for a while if you think that is kind of a more male ceo trait and the idea of.

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