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This week we are going from number ninety two number eighty one of the countdown from nineteen eighty-four and we are doing the one zero six point seven pop songs of that year. Just kind of taking a look at it in the past. We've been holly i and now we're starting to invite in some of our favorite people and this is certainly the case. I've been a big fan of carmel. Halts for a long time. I listened to her at wf uv and just her Her presence and just her just engagement with the music. It was wonderful it was always a treat to hear her voice and i was actually kind of disappointed when she left. What what's going on was happening. Why are you. Why are you ripping carmel away from me. But as it turns out is she. She's got plans. She is actually as i opened up my email yesterday. The number eight most powerful person in the triple a universe according to according to paul mars lack and his top twenty two. This this is carmel. Holt of the syndicated radio. Show xiros so welcome carmel. Thank you so much nick. Great to be here. Thank you dave. Hi holly new. Thank you so much for all those kind words. Save on like start crying again crying for tears sir. Happy tears. that's what i'm saying. Yes yes that's so nice to be here. Thank you for inviting me. Yeah so cool thing. Though now is with a syndicated show is people not necessarily in new york all over the country. You can hear you tell us a little bit about xiros. What is the idea behind it. what i did was basically take the two things that i know which is play listed music and interviewing and put them together into an hour show whose mission is to amplify and celebrate women in music but in a way that raises awareness about the lack of quality on the airwaves both on the hosting side and the programming side. Those behind the scenes on the mike at the radio stations and also in the playlist and in the music business general. And so what i am to do is to provide listeners. This opportunity to hear something that they don't normally hear there's all these baked in rules for some reason of programming where you're not supposed to play two women on the air back to back you're not supposed to have two female deejays on the air back to back. This is somewhere some. I don't know how this came into being but this has been a rule And so I'm trying to subvert that With this show and also just give listeners key. You know because it's like you don't even know this is so baked in. You've always heard it this way. You're not even aware that it's something that you're missing so Rather than just trying to be an echo chamber of like okay. This is for for ladies. This is really for everybody. i'm just saying. Hey there's all this music that you're not hearing. Because of these strange baked in rules music would be better for everybody if it was a more level playing field. There's also a a new show launching in the spring back circling back to sonos based on their player which will be launching in march. Well same team. Same theme different different format awesome. That's very exciting. Yeah when did you become aware of the rule because you were music. Director know this unwritten rule that everyone knows about but and you know of course you probably. Your first question is why. And they'll so bizarre. I don't know i never have yet been able to find out the reason why you know it's interesting because so i'll answer your first question. When did i first become aware of it. I was aware of it. Basically from the beginning started in radio right out of college and I was a musician myself. And so i was on the other side of things where i was already coming up against barriers and challenges and frustrations and then when i got into radio i learned. Oh wow wait. This is like not any different from being over there over here and it's still that way but yeah i mean i myself. Unfortunately because i didn't get to make the rules. I just had to follow them. You know i programmed radio station for you now for eight years in one place and then six years in another and had to follow those rules myself and it was painful to do so rita. Houston your was your pd. You worked with her. Was this a conversation you had between the two of you. You must have like you know. I really want. This is an artist. I love. Why can't we play here or why can't you know there are four new artists this week. That are all women. I'd love to play all them. Why can't i play them on my show in you know at this time. So what was that discussion. Well the radio station As most aaa stations are Are programmed programmed reduce jays. Have there are a few exceptions to this. You know i think k. xp and maybe the current minneapolis have a much more open playlist but in in most cases radio. This is kind of like the peek behind the curtain. There is a music director. That's plugging in you. Know there's there's a program and new songs get added as well as old ones and there's percentages that are calculated by a program. Then there's a human element of like massaging those things and making sure that things sound good right but basically You're dealing with you know a stack of paper your logs every day and the music is already loaded. And for you i did. I had very very little say in what.

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