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How shall hallo shallow hal shallow hal. Yes shallow hallo yeah. No wonder shallow hallo show how how low so this really starts to fall apart in terms of they can't keep the threat of their own song sounds called shell. I'm i'm on the deepen. I'm i'm off the deep end watches. I dive in on never touch. The ground around then they say were far from the shallows so that tracks yes if i'm on in the deep end. I'm off the deep end. They're no longer in the safe. Water water you really in the deep end right or i guess watches i. She's diving off the deep end practice diving off the deep end. Scuba is is that her san the but then the chorus i guess is in the shallow or far from the shallows. Now we're far from the shelves in michelle show <music> since they say in the far from the yeah so they're in the deep end yes but the hook of the song is shallow. You're making a good point. Here is really the primary thing when you ask me. Why did you choose this song. This is why it's back to back are they. Are they in the shower. They are they far from the shell are they is it they're far from the shallow but they're romanticizing their time in the show in the are they reflecting when things were good in the shallows because that's been defies the rest of the song i don't buy that. What is the i'll never meet. The ground part art to nosedive not hit their head on the bottom of because they're in the deep end. You're not going to meet the ground feet deep okay. Why are they saying in the shallow. Why do they say in the shallow right after initial and why do they say it so many times because deepened is not a good title for a song and why is it called shell everything you're saying is just making the small part of my brain feel like it's about to explode. It's very hard crashed through the surface who they see they can't every line of this the world they're both deeply. They're both under the water and the deep end of the pool being like we're fucked up. We we're probably going to die hi here but at least we're together and we're far from all the scrutiny of the rash through the surface is the craziest way of ever heard to describe getting into a pool no no it's when you crash into the pool but who who crashes into a pool lash into a pool lock your right splash through the surface doesn't work as much as crash a he had it ready to crash through the surface where this is a song about doing the sick. Ask cannonball like when you finally get the party hardy going yeah. It's a can opener. Everyone's like i forgot about those can opener geoff knife. Do you remember we're doing a bellyflop before realizing they hurt. Oh yeah yeah it out. This is gonna look sick. Fuck my whole stomach. What is metaphorically. What does this mean shoes shoes because like i'm off. The deep end is like all right. I'm fucking. I'm really up yeah. I'm really fucked up but i'll never meet the grounds like but i'm not gonna hit rock bottom. It's about the diving seen in boogie nights where it's that scene in the graduate good. Let me show you what you did wrong. Okay honestly the more. We're talking about more realizing. This actually makes no sense on any level. No i do feel physically pained. The the like verses seem like it's them. I'm going like oh. This is really a problem like we're really getting into something bad and here. It's like almost hopeful. They're like where they can't hurt us. We're far from like. I don't know what the tone of the song songs must be bad or good. No yeah that is this is where it happened. The <hes> the first two verses okay they're simple simple but they're like you can kind of apply meaning but then when they get to this part the the titular section yeah it completely falls falls apart. I'm like i don't know what the fuck is supposed to be. No felt by me the audience something screamy the part.

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