Giants, Karla Murray, MVP discussed on Arizona's Morning News


The desert for dealer sports desk Jim get off righty still rookie my goodness Skyler Marie all right I'm just using you as the foil I know ever all right here's the K. the best compliment you can pay karla Murray is halfway through the season we forgot he was a rookie now the last couple of games he's looked more like a rookie and so yes there are two weeks and need to be made yes and I think maybe trying to do too much and try to win it with every throwing and we just have to find that that happy medium again there you go as the head coach was pretty straightforward yesterday yeah everyone's got to get better including the rookie quarterback we'll see if that happens against the Browns who by the way should have lost to the bangles in their game over the weekend this is a should win game against Cleveland at home sun snapped a four game skid at all over a on the drive one in for example bill good Booker put up with the book at twenty six he led the way okay that was good but you know is better Ricky Rubio at fourteen assist see I just one turnover Aaron Baines was back and he was big time with that big frame and so the Suns beat the T. walls as they should one twenty five one own nine Monday Night Football eagles got booted home and they come back they rally they beat the giants in overtime twenty three seventeen snap a three game skid the eagles do first place coyotes they host the Calgary flames that'll be tonight on the west side D. backs they sent a right handed pitcher junior Garrus by the last four years with the brewers and get the reporter one year deal two point five million or so I thank there's money to Stephen Strasberg seven years two hundred forty five million for the World Series MVP it's just about thirty five million per year that is sports.

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