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Some damage to our health there is currently an online Twitter flap between a doctor name Dr Boyce Watkins and the singer known as Liz so he was made some waves recently and and gotten quite popular but at issue here is the list those wait Dr Boyce Watkins says rather than encouraging people to do better were simply lying to them and telling them that they're just fine the way they are unfortunately many of these people are dying from diabetes and heart disease at the point he's trying to make is if this is so often now if if someone you know is critical of another person's weight they're accused of fat shaming and the doctor what kids is basically saying here at some point we have to you know move away from the political correctness and and drop some cold hard facts on on about certain people's health that yes if you are very overweight you you are far more risk for diabetes and and and other health issues but of course this is this this because a lot of stir and social media Liz fired back saying keep your name out of my mouth and then of course the doctor then came back and said what you want but biscuit away from a heart attack he also called cloud so then things got a little personal but really at the bottom line are the the the bottom line of all this is are we too politically correct for our own good is our health as collectively as Americans will will it begin to suffer because you know society says way you could be as big as you want no one can criticize you because otherwise they're just fashion Amy yeah well I think there's a difference between somebody you know making derogatory statements about somebody about their weight verses a doctor saying Hey I've looked at your health for the year we look at all your your your labs and what not at the end of the day here are some suggestions one of those you to lose weight because you're diabetic and if you don't do these things your your risk of heart attack is gonna be much higher that's a that's an objective finding okay it's no different than a skinny person walking in doesn't it would make here is not a diabetic but they're eating a bunch of the wrong foods and their cholesterol levels very very high and the doctor saying Hey I don't want like which eating stop doing that now I realize it's not a personal attack on that on that person's physical physique but the point is that these are the facts if you you know I'm here to to try to advise you so you can live better healthier life and keep on this planet longer so you can follow the advice you don't but that doesn't mean that a person can't just a personal choice so you know I don't care I don't wanna lose weight I'm happy being heavy I like the way I look and I'm good and if that's the case so be it but you can't expect a doctor not to give you the right way how the cow ate the cabbage right absolutely and and he even says in in another statement here doctor doctor boy Watkins says that he's you know he's not trying at two attackers as I'm not making fun of lives of her being obese I used to be abused myself but while my beautiful fiance made it clear she would Love Me unconditionally either way she also Love Me enough to encourage me to do better so you know the doctor is making the argument here that we don't want to encourage mediocrity or encourage someone to live in unhealthy lifestyle simply because we don't I hurt their feelings and we we see a lot of that these days not just in terms of of this particular issue with a lot of things out there people are hesitant to say because you know they're there others are so quick to criticize to accuse them of being you know hateful bigot or or whatever the case may be and I think a lot of people are are just they don't give their of what we did was say things anymore for fear of rocking the boat and then you know being attacked mercilessly online afterwards smoke concern or living in a trump here right now Donald Trump has made it very clear he he's the he's the king of saying what you want to say and not being politically correct in his bar what any doesn't invite frankly America is very different now because that because people like look the we've all been hiding the closet for a long time back saying we want to say so so speak to true Sir would you want to say I don't think that means what Mr her people's feelings but the bottom line is feel free to say what you want to say not with impunity but certainly a doctor call him with that other page I I agree I I get somebody and it I think a lot of people might look at this you go you know how we gotten so sensitive as Americans nowadays you know what we were at what point did we did we cross that line to where now simple medical advice is you know a hateful that shame yeah so I a it's it's certainly there's but I I feel like there's there's been a real slow burn but again I I this is another one of the things I attribute to social media and everybody's got an opinion and not all those in the opinions are the most informed but on the flip side I think society's changing too I mean I was in the mall this weekend you know doing the Christmas shopping and I saw a lot of stores that were very intentionally marketing to people that were heavier share it that it's okay you know we all different body structure summer were skinny summer medium some were were larger and in the day don't be ashamed we are who we are and the clothing lines have now started to I've seen a lot of a lot of marketing on this are starting to expand now some might say wait a second why are you in are you in you know we gauging is something that you know that that that maybe reinforces eating more well that's not really what they're saying and what they're saying is whatever your physique is your beautiful person by and you you know and here's here's a clothing line for you if you decide that's not for you anymore you rather be a better person and and do this woman do that but again this to me is coming aberration with the with the doctor because I would expect my doctor tell me the truth not to tell me things I think flatter me when I walk in there for a physical and he gives me to read me the riot act I walk either sometimes feeling alone Jeez I wanna hear that but guess what he's trying to say what we know this is the way it is that's a job that's his job not to make you feel good yeah it's it's it's it's it's all business certainly nothing personal business yeah well it you know it similarly since we're kind of on the topic of of insults and and rudeness as as some may call it there is a new survey out that looks at the rudest cities in America and several of them are are here in Texas and so if you had to if if you had to take a guess and I we we went over the results earlier but if you had to take a guess just off the top of your head what would you what would you automatically assume would be the most the rudest city in the state of Texas in the state of Texas what I probably first of all I'd say well how big the cities have to be because we tend to think that a small town is gonna be kinder more courteous and you know and then I probably think we know I'm from West Texas I like tend to think that Hey West Texas people where we got bigger hearts were usually Connor to people and whatnot but all that stereotype will think about the followers during but the four largest city so then I go okay it's okay for largest cities are miss a Dallas Houston San Antonio and Austin that while you're less of those here for those of the largest cities we got yeah okay okay yeah does the largest so you have to raise those yeah fight a ranked as well you might want to jump to the largest city in say what must be Houston because a bigger than the batter you know but not necessarily mean I've lived actually lived in all those cities I just told you so I've got a little personal experience for my own opinions anyway el Paso to passes big city but yes that's a lot of nice people Mel Paso then they're not at their act actually not on this list so this is a survey from business insider they talked more than two thousand Americans choosing the five rue the cities in the US out of the fifty biggest in the nation so the first Texas city to show up on that list is a number fourteen Dallas Dallas followed to see to two spots later by Austin at number sixteen with six point six percent vote so this this first survey says Austin nights a ruder than Houstonians while which is right number eighteen five point three percent San Antonio rounding out the the top four biggest cities in the state at number thirty eight on the list so out of Dallas Austin Houston and San Antonio this list according to business insider San Antonio is a far far by far more complimentary and nicer than there those of us here in Austin and Dallas and Houston as well what's interesting because I will tell you now there's any correlation this or not but you know I'm a lawyer in the legal profession I would say that whenever I deal with out of town lawyers it's kind of a understanding amongst the Austin lawyers at what ones we hate dealing with them so it's always a Dallas lawyer in all kind of an on going joke whose Lorena's side to douse or AJ is okay but we don't think that way about Houston he knows much bigger city Santos is down the road but we sort of you Dallas lawyers as another breed and we have a reason for that so and you know and I think Dallas probably gets a bad rap to and I think if you were to ask the question which city do you think is the most pretentious in the in in Texas Dallas they also probably get the same raptor to right yeah the more stuck up to more pretentious than more fake an artificial but Hey there's good and bad people everywhere and I love Dallas you know I I I certainly I mean if if Dallas were were ranked the most pretentious city in the run and I I would still like going to die yeah it's a it's a beautiful town I really like the way they're downtown to set up I I lived in Houston for seven years and I always enjoyed the rivalry between Dallas and Houston you know about which which is better in fact it it's the survey concedes that stereo types and even sports rivalries likely skew the results here right so you know again when you're talking about which is which is nastier you know which is ruder Dallas or Houston you know well it's like do I like the the Astros over the Rangers more I like that okay so the so at the end of the day Hey let's face it we're all Texans will ever stay but it be a lot easier start looking at other states we can criticize and salaries people must be New York let's start there and that's not even drug just on that out there and and as a Boston Red Sox and I can say you can never go wrong criticizing New York now and on that note we got we got hit a break Jack Ryan is coming up at the bottom of the hour news it is eight twenty six news radio Killjoy Saddam.

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