President Trump, Oklahoma, Jacksonville discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Get coronavirus sign up online and check a box saying they can't legally blame the president the campaign or the arena if they get sick maybe see sandy field says Tulsa county records a new highs in covert cases this week but Oklahoma has no limit on crowd size even as Republicans settle in Jacksonville as the alternate host for the national convention Florida sees a surge of new coronavirus cases one thousand six hundred ninety eight new infections in one day one hundred twenty three of those new cases right here in Orange County Orange County mayor Jerry Demings attributes at least some of it to the recent black lives matter protest ABC so only Marino says half the cases or people under forty WSU's time seven eighteen WSB meteorologist end of a five day forecast sponsored by Breda pest management they handle bugs and critters continued pleasant weather for June with low to moderate humidity and temperatures near normal to a bit below normal for the next five days chance of rain Sunday through next week just too small to worry about for today at ten on the mileage meter a mix of clouds and sunshine high eighty four lows tonight sixty two to sixty five tomorrow mostly sunny high eighty six low sixty four Sunday a mix of sun and clouds high eighty four low sixty four my exclusive five day forecast Monday and Tuesday mostly sunny highs Monday eighty three Tuesday eighty one lows sixty one recapping the forecast for today a mix of clouds and sunshine at ten on the mileage meter a high of eighty four currently sixty five on Peachtree street I'm meteorologist Kirk Wallace ninety five point five W. espace check in the morning drive again here's why the word K. Georgia department of transportation Dr Gupta Brianna the expressway I W. five to top down tell the bell grow that a thank you for your call to the right so please be patient you could help them better toward with the rotate.

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