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What. The kids call a firearm. The british the british kids know the black ones in blakey sense now so i just think this is so fascinating because they ran off stage. Do we have a clip of them running off stage. Yeah it was like a thing. I wanna i wanna i just need you guys here the hook. Oh my god heard the hook. I'm about so while you're doing that. I'm going to pull up this damn video of running off the stage. When they're backing began to skip. Because i need to know i personally. They shouldn't have run away. Like you gotta stand up like patti labelle and be like my nose are way too much for to negroes mcduck mcguckin projects. Who don't actually saying she said you need. They're not performer. This time they were to die. Stop he knows knows. Eighty thousand people girl. You know know. It's i couldn't repeat fifteen times. Squash stopped paint awareness. Stage brow to me eight thousand people waiting. He said i did not want to go back to stage. And i get it i feel you. I don't know if this is milly or vanilla who's talking. I'm gonna guess familiar because he's.

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