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Advice you've given me buy the best knife you can if you do any kind of cooking you want that night they can do it oh absolutely yeah usually Japanese knives also great for committing suicide very sharp are they work beautifully yes they they have a I believe in eighteen degree blade on them which is quite sharp all right coming up let's go when we come back we'll take a break and talk about one of my favorite dish is something that I just ship hold a lead do spectacularly well I love my meatloaf and we'll talk about Neil's meatloaf and now it was not a biological statement will be right back KFI eight AM at six forty live everywhere on the I heart radio apps was checking with Jamie king and favorite home restrictions are slowly being listened in LA county officials announced county parks which we're going to be closed for mother's day will remain open for passive use like walking jogging and leisure time outdoors group gatherings are not allowed Facebook is telling many of its employees they can work from home for the rest of the year the social media company will begin re opening offices in July for those who can't do their jobs remotely or want to return tickets for the re opening of Shanghai Disneyland on may eleventh I have already sold out all the tickets were snatched up within just a few minutes of going on sale the parks have been closed since January twenty sixth Disney will operate at thirty percent capacity or about twenty four thousand visitors per day we'll check the ninety one next attention investors.

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