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Welcome back to first light. I'm Linda, Kenya, It seems we've been stuck with the same weather pattern over the last couple of days. Accuweather dot com Meteorologist Matt Benzes here, Matt any chance that weather pattern will change this weekend? Hey, Linda for a lot of locations, especially east of the Rockies. It's been basically on whether repeat mode over the last few days, in fact, a good chunk of this week if you have been along the Gulf Coast, Texas and Louisiana, where they've seen just a torrential amounts of rainfall. Falling and that will continue to be the case here for today. Unfortunately, another round of heavy rainfall expected across Louisiana and eastern Texas as a fire hose of moisture continues to move off the Gulf of Mexico. So another round of perhaps flooding rain For today, the good news is there is an end in sight. This moisture plume will begin to shift westward heading into this weekend, so hopefully areas that have been hit hard with rain over the last few days. Will begin to dry out at least a bit into this weekend. Now, this plume of moisture moves northward up through the central and northern US with some showers and thunderstorms expected through at least the Great Lakes to the west. A new storm system will continue to roll through the Rocky Mountains. This will deliver some showers, mainly in the higher elevations of the Pacific Northwest through the Sierras, perhaps even some showers across the Great basin where it is cold enough. There could even be some rain and snow at times. Specially the across the high plains of Montana up into the prairie provinces of Canada. This will head towards Northeast heading into this weekend across the eastern U. S. Where high pressure is dominated the weather pattern it will continue to dominate heading into this weekend. So the Southeast US continued dry, pleasant conditions at least two this weekend, perhaps a shower thunderstorm across the Northeast here for today. Tomorrow and Sunday as temperatures begin to rebound. Find out the latest for your location, download the AccuWeather after day, and it's always have a great day. Linda. Thanks, Matt. Dr Anthony Fauci says Corona virus Vaccines for Children under 12 may be available By the end of the year. We're gonna be doing aged. The escalation studies will go from 12 to 9926 and 62. And then six months to two years. The nation's leading infectious disease expert was speaking to reporters at a vaccination clinic for adolescents at Children's National Hospital. Where you live, plays a big role in whether people decide to get the vaccine correspondent Jackie Quinn reports, experts find the highest vaccination rates are in the northeast 64% of Vermont residents are fully vaccinated. The lowest rates are.

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