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Right so but i actually think this it reminded me i don't know it reminded me of some family dynamics where like the language is complaining do you know what i mean like where it doesn't let complaining doesn't mean anything bad sometimes and i think like for me personally that's kind of hard to deal with because i try to say exactly what i mean like don't always succeed obviously i don't think any of us do but like it's hard to deal with somebody who's default is complaining i mean i don't know it's tough it's a fine line between like whether what they're saying is significant in which case it probably should be addressed and like where at what point it's just like how people talk and can actually be sort of like dismissed with like a wider filter of just like okay okay i know that like i'm gonna get you know some bad feedback about like how there's no good restaurant here but really i'd like to get tacos where should i go yeah i would i would differentiate just because i think that's always an important word to follow up on it does sound like this is a family dynamic that is exhausting but it would be worth it i think it is possible that they are pessimistic bunch and that your sister in law was abused or saw abuse by the teachers at the local school so you know i would maybe at least they're seeks to know a little bit more about like what was her experience like what did the teachers do what what what happened because that's really different from saying i don't like these barbour's.

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