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Good week for us in the long run to which he said, I'd hate to see bad. We ritual to me this this Chicago Bulls team just reminds me a hundred percent of our favorite football team. Washington Redskins like the management the way they're talked about around the league. Is that fair? Yeah. Oh, yeah. I think that's so there you mean the team that didn't wanna bring in a certain quarterback because they needed a system guy. No, he didn't fit. Sanchez was better guy for that says, oh we've been over. He didn't want to bring in the guys who actually used to back up that doesn't work. It doesn't work not work. Have you have you seen the Redskins quarterback play? Generally over the last fifteen twenty years. Mark Sanchez is a much better fit for that system than anybody else. Williams got roped in by the way to being the one who had to go out and make that statement doesn't that was river foster, right? Does job. He is. He is the punching bag for for the Redskins organization. Yeah. They were like we need a guy. That's that's universally. That was a sad moment for me. I guess. Yeah. They they got the worst. 'cause they conducted their own investigation though, using their own sources. That's what they said. Each other. They poke HOGAN and they're like, hey, you're you live in Tampa. Have you heard anything? He was like, no other. A couple of bucks. Brother didn't see anything. We're good. All right. Let's talk real quick about the west. And the Lakers. I won't talk more about the Lakers. You brought up LeBron earlier too early to say Luke Walton on Hoti is you're going to get fired during the season or after the season because I don't think he's gonna stick around. Magic Johnson tends to sort of you know, he's emotional guy. Right. Is a former player big emotions. It's part of what helped him the hall of Famer. So when things did not get off to a good start. He's you know, he heals at meeting. We heard about personnel, Luke, and he's he's all the stuff, and then it leaks and look great because as has been pointed out, they didn't really have the roster to do the things that he was yelling at Luca about. Then they go out and get Tyson Chandler somebody the teams a lot better. So kind of backs up loosing apparently in that meeting. He reportedly said could you get me another center, and boom they do. So then magic comes out because he's kind of he does say these sort of big things, and he's now, no, we're fine. That was just a regular meeting, and he basically guaranteed looks dumb for the rest of the season. In those quotes the now he's kinda backed himself into a corner. I don't say Luke ball on the hot seat because Maggie Johnson said he's going to be around for the rest of these in Barnes, something catastrophic. So there you go and replace in west. Right. Yes. Okay. Are you going to put the show on there? I mean, who's I like branch a lot? But I wouldn't see like, oh, we're replacing Rupert and with Brian Shaw. That's gonna you know, make such a big difference. I think that their team kind of you know, did tandem Lucan and Brian as they are. I I don't know who's out there. You're like, oh my God. This is the magic bullet we need to replace with won't win who whoever LeBron choose counterpoint Lakers. Luke Walton is of four-game losing streak or really bad. Lebron wine hangover away from being. Brunson me, we'll now coach the team. Cranky cranky one morning, boom. You're gone, buddy. We'll have to say I much more interested in the Anthony Davis derby that's going that to me is going to be the big story for the next couple months. And then we'll probably take a pause on it, and it will be story again starting July. But that's how it affects the way Lakers. You guys wanna hear this is the interesting CBA wrinkles give you that insider insider and being just before you do that though. I just wanna tip my cap that was great work by you to distract us from bashing. Lebron there for a minute. That was a great tradition. Yes. Oh, yes. Go will be arriving on timeless fans Carter will be bringing personally bringing the check to your front door. Do I wish man wine? I need a lot more. If that's really the arrangement. They'll want more though, I need you guys negotiate for me..

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