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Not here to create violence. We're here to display our constitutional rights. I really sense the urgency of everybody, you know, making a stand. Rene traveled from Indiana to support our president, stand up for our republic and hopefully get them to pay attention in Congress. She says The election was stolen something she believes was treason on the National Mall, Nick I'd l e. W T. O P. News, D. C and U. S. Park Police arrested six people during protest yesterday. Two of those arrested are from Asheville, North Carolina, and one of them Facing several weapons charges, including carrying a pistol without a license. Charges against the others include carrying a rifle without a license and possession of a high capacity feeding device, unregistered ammunition and unregistered firearms. Police have also charged some of the protesters with assault on a police officer in possession of a stun gun and illegal fireworks. Black lives matter, D C is weighing in on this week's election protests in D C with a message of caution for anyone considering heading downtown. Don't want a repeat of what we saw on all streets. Black lives matter. De Psi Corps organizer Anthony Lorenzo Green explaining to w T O P about their worry for D C residents, especially black and brown. People advising folks to avoid the demonstrations of possible definitely want people who feel the need to be in Black spaces that have long for months been a space off joy and black liberation, like black lives matter Plaza. We want folks to be able to still be in that space and be at the memorial fence. We just want folks to be vigilant. Green is also asking businesses to refuse to do business with hate groups that the city enforced social distancing and mass wearing a demonstrations. And it's simply protect black spaces. Kenzo FEA W T O P News, The National City Christian Church on Thomas Circle in D. C. Is putting up a 16 ft. Black lives matter Better today, administer it. The church says the congregation believes it's important to publicly reject violence and says We believe that black lives matter. Virginia voters have elected a Democrat in yesterday's special election for a seat in the House of Delegates. Sandy King of Dump for, he says, narrowly defeated Republican Heather Mitchell in the district that takes in parts of Prince would Yemen Stafford counties. King Outspent Mitchell nearly 4 to 1, she told her supporters on Twitter. She's ready to hit the ground running enrichment. King will replace fellow Democrat Jennifer Carroll Foy, who resigned the seat to focus on her campaign for governor. Dick Uliano. W T. O P News 16. People from North in Virginia are among the 62 finalists for a position on the state's redistricting commission. A panel of five retired state judges will now choose the eight citizen members of the commission for dominated by Republicans and four by Democrats. Citizens will join that legislators for Republicans and four Democrats on that commission, which will draw new lines for Virginia's House and Senate and congressional District's still ahead after traffic and weather growing pressure from parents to open up public schools 707 Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's I T modernization opportunities. Dan Curry honest the director of public sector at RS, say Archer. Says agencies need to add more rigor to dealing with supply chain risks. So in many cases, you have government agencies that are trusting that contractors are doing the right thing on an ongoing basis. So we have seen agencies moving quickly, and we've helped them where they're deploying software solutions where they are tracking monitoring and requiring their supplier community to cast demonstrate that they're secure on an ongoing basis. You know they have controls in place. They said processes and procedures practices in place that they're doing this so agencies air holding supplier community entities accountable on a more rigorous basis. Let r s a caress Often they're reseller partners help you imagine what your agencies capable of learn more at cara soft dot com slash innovation. Good morning. It's 70 Wait, Get a $59 precision furnace tuna by calling 809 48 months, traffic and weather on the eights. Now let's check it out here with Jack Taylor in the traffic center. Well, we've had some delays in Prince George's County on the Beltway outer loop. There'd been a reported crashed by ways users up near the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Honestly, the slower traffic's gonna be believing the Beltway going south onto the BW Parkway headed inside the Beltway. So just be careful. You've got delays on the outer leaf approaching exit. 22 going south on the BW Parkway, just moving inside the Beltway. Hopefully, at this point, all lanes are open. And it's just a lot of volume topside, outer loop. Same thing. Volume from about University Boulevard slowing over toward Georgia Avenue to 70 been heavy south bound at 80 in Havana. Then again, passing 109 headed down toward the scales. Allentown Road is closed north bound down around joint base. Andrews. It is blocked between Suitland Road and Forest Hill Road. The investigation is ongoing. There'd been one broken down on to 10 in Indian Head north bound your laurel drive. Unclear if that's still in the roadway up in Carroll County, dealing with an overturned tractor trailer blocking 1 94 about Akeem are this is north of 77 year rife Snyder Road, You'll find yourself redirected in the area also clean up of a crash and Jefferson on Point of rocks. Road for 64 up near Fry Road, Maryland State authorities remain on scene, Little busier and Virginia 66 coming eastbound into Centerville, some slowing 1 23 to Nutley. Always still find between Alexandria and McClane. Nothing to worry about there. We did have a couple of accidents. 95 going north bound near Dale City. Crews were checking along the left side of the roadway and on 28 in Manassas, north bound after Leland Road. There'd been an earlier crash. 3 95 looks could leave in Springfield. But you will indeed slowed across the 14th Street bridge again with the closures around the White House, the National Mall in the capital with all the demonstrators today, one of the many closures is gonna be the freeway common ramps. Go on to the 12th Street Expressway, both sides of the freeway no access to 12 Street because of the ramp blockage. But in the area eastbound on the freeway near the 12th Street Expressway, listeners had reported a tire in the roadways to do be careful district authorities are aware and headed to the scene to have potentially remove this debris from the road. Jack Taylor. W T.

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