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First let's back up and look at how apple's landed on America's shores ores apple's had been cultivated around Europe and Asia for thousands of years but when European colonists arrived in the Americas they found only wild crab apples small Soured dry apples. That aren't good for eating unlike some other fruits. If you plant and appleseed there's no guarantee that the resulting tree will bear the same delicious fruit. You Ate Apple. Trees tend to revert to their wild format grafting on branches from developed trees helps and you also need pollinators honeybees to grow the fruit so although the original settlers of Jamestown brought apple seeds and seedlings with them from Europe planted them in their new homeland. The first apples grown in America were mostly used for CIDER rather than desert. Now let's Talk Pie. It was only with the availability of granulated sugar through slavery and trade. That dessert hurt pies including apple pies came into popularity in America despite the Apple Pies Common Association with American Pride Europeans and actually got in the whole piping. I think down centuries before a recipe for Dutch Apple Pie can be traced back to fifteen fourteen and the English were so enamored with apple pies in the late fifteen hundreds. They even came up with Pie. Themed soliloquies so who was responsible for impressing apples into the American mindset. That that would be one. John Chapman also done by the more famous. Moniker of Johnny appleseed. Contrary to popular belief appleseed was no mere American legend he he really did exist and what's more. He planted apple nurseries around the turn of the nineteenth century throughout Ohio and other Midwestern states and he sold them at a tidy profit off. It appleseed also gave away countless more seedlings to pioneers who set up apple orchards across the nation he became legendary because he mostly walked estimates. Say somewhere around ten thousand miles over the course of his life all barefoot and with nothing but a single knife for protection. He became a symbol of rugged individualism individualism and frontier expansion and in the years since the United States has developed a whole slew of truisms associated with apples including an apple. A day keeps the the doctor away and one bad apples oils. The bunch the phrase American as Apple Pie popped up in print as early as nineteen. Twenty eight was being used to describe I blue Henry Hoover the first lady of the Hoover Presidency and what a good homemaker she was but it wasn't until World War Two. The apple pies really became stamped into the American consciousness as a patriotic pastry by then good. Apple's had been common for a few generations and the dish was thought of as Homey and Dispel Jack due perhaps to a popular song titled. Ma I miss your Apple Pie. Published in nineteen forty one and apple pie being the most frequently served desert at American military posts during the war. It became a bit of a mean for American soldiers to tell reporters that they were fighting for mom and Apple Pie and boom boom. The Apple Pie became American given apple pies strong associations with America. It's perhaps not surprising that it's not really a homegrown. American can product but something baked overseas and brought to these shores but since immigrants are a key component of the United States there's perhaps no better symbol of America in this delicious Dessert Desert. Today's episode was written by Terrier Llegado and produced by Tyler. Clang brains dot it's production of iheartradio's how stuff works for more on this and lots of other tasty topics visit our home planet. How stuff works dot com for more podcasts? From iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP Apple Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite.

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