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In one thousand nine hundred ninety nine John Kennedy Jr. wasn't a popular policy Shen or a successful actor or musician with a closet full of grammy's and yet his death two decades ago prompted wall all to wall media coverage absolutely dominating the news cycle for days upon days according to Kennedy biographer j Randy Borelli who has written several books about the famous family including the recently published book the Kennedy Errors John was something bigger than that as part of the Kennedy family which is a as close as America's ever gotten to a royal family he was really considered by many people would be sort of the principal why John was the whole package in addition to his family's political legacy he was a legitimately good looking guy and he wasn't afraid to flaunt it his death was perhaps the last great celebrity story of its era triggering a flood of covers on magazines from Newsweek to time to people as well as a slew of commemorative magazines full of tributes to a man positioned as an American prince before we look at the reasons why John was so famous in the nineties let's take a minute to look back at who us and where we came from the little prince saluting at the funeral grew up in New York for the most part out of the spotlight after high school he broke away from family tradition and attended Brown University where he discovered passion for theater John performed in numerous student run plays including production that required him to shave off his infamous head of thick curly brown hair after graduating from Brown John was even the lead in an off off Broadway play which drew praise from the handful of people ought his friends have said he seemed pretty interested in pursuing a life in theater but his mother would have none of it Steven Gillon who recently published a book about John's life called America's reluctant prince became friends with John after meeting at Brown Nineteen eighty-one challenge greatest success is greatest achievement was private it was his ability given the enormous pressures had placed upon him to turn out to be a well grounded decent thought Paul someone said John was disgustingly aw that's a good way of putting it after putting aside his pursuit of acting John Entered law school at New York University well John was still in law school he attended the nineteen eighty-eight Democratic National Convention in Atlanta to introduce his Dole Senator Ted Kennedy UPI coverage at the time stated the handsome twenty seven year old son of President Kennedy through misty is from a charmed democratic national convention crowd as he spoke of two generations of Democrats united in the pursuit of justice thank you thank you very much thank you over quarter century ago my father stood before you to accept the nomination for the presidency of the United States.

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