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On auto shit. Shot and and Ernst Abbe who looking for optical glasses and they come up with this glass based on oxides aboard. If I understand it and highly resistant are much more resistant to heat, so and that's where your paradox comes from, because that gets manufactured by by Corning in New York, under the name of pyrex, and so that it sort of there's an awful lot of spinning around in this in this discipline 'cause glasses, so flexible in its users. There's lots of spin offs between between the developments of different sorts of classes, Paul momentum. Can you give us a summary? So at the end of the Burgum that's the way it goes of the application of the newer metallic glasses. Yeah. This goes back to to something that said about how glossies break the metallic glasses. Don't have any cruise line to means. We don't have little crystals, and so the just a single continuous matrix. And so a crime can't propagate through them. So that incredibly strong. So us why they're so useful in engineering and what's driving the development of new glasses? Today's it just people working in the bar tras attaining what's driving it? Well, I think places like Pilkington's they have huge research efforts devoted to it. And as we've heard, everyone has identified, lots of interesting properties are now z. said about pirates people can develop this, and then the use to some extent comes after it's we haven't talked about optical fibers tool, for instance, which are hugely important in telecommunication. I know another day. I mean, there's just so many ways in which glasses have use now and potential use in the future. Right. Well, thank you all very much. Indeed. We should. I'm I'm not gonna say we should raise a glass of this. We're speaking face to face. Sorry. Right. Get them in. Thank you very much for Donald Jim Bennett. Palmer Mellon next week. We'll be talking about the legend of Prester John in the middle ages, he was supposed to be the ruler of lost Christian nation. Thank you very much for listening and the inner time podcast, get some extra time now with a few minutes of bonus material for Melvin and his guests to know something like that. I mean, I think a lot of people, I don't know you tell me, I think people are being managed by what you said. It seems very obvious. It's amazing to most people I, I really wanted to try and slip in something of a glass in cooking because older interesting sugar work that people do that sugar glass, nothing glass meter sugar water in it, and the glazing on a Donut that sugar class. So most people actually eat glass and don't even think. Gloves brunch. Absolutely. Just think about cutlass humans, that transparent. You can have to to high temperature. And then the other thing when you get into the poor classes, you get into this really interesting state of matter. That's not a solid or liquid soap stuck half. We in glass transformation, Rian, JR, and call that rubber. What one thing I wanted to try to get in. I wasn't too liberally and forgot all about it, but it's very that we're sitting here two hundred yards roughly speaking from glass Horace street, which is pickle circus. And if if the readers were thinking about whether live there lots of street all street names in this, we have on radio.

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