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Bound on D C to 95 year, Pennsylvania Avenue, Metro police indeed, daughter along the way, trying to retrieve it from the right side. Rick McClure wtlv traffic Rick. Thank you. Now let's get your storm team for four day forecast. Here's NBC for Samara, Theodore. Some patchy fog, but the trend is drying. You know, we're going to the last of those showers moving out of here and we're in for decreasing clouds tonight temperatures into the low thirties. Do you have a good deal of cloud coverage is start off the week with with highs on Monday in the low forties and only partly sunny skies Mostly cloudy Tuesday highs in the low forties. Tuesday is interesting. We could see some mountain snow as far as the D C Metro area goes, We're looking pretty dry. Well west of D. C maybe. Ah Rainer. Snow showers possible, but it's a small chance Wednesday. Highs will be in the mid to upper forties. Mostly sunny skies by Thursday, mostly sunny highs in the low to mid forties. The end of the week. We're keeping a close eye on a coastal storm that could bring some precept to the region, whether that's rain or a bit of a wintry mix still to be determined and the timing on that How close he gets to us is not quite definitive, but we will get a better grip on that. As we had through the week. I'm starting for meteorologists. Tamara Theodore tomorrow. Thank you very much. 36 degrees right now. In Rockville, Maryland, 34 in Ashburn, Virginia, and 39 degrees in D C. District Heights 6 21. What you buy new Look home design. Right now, You can say 50% on all your roofing materials. Ah, former D C school teacher is under arrest tonight facing child sex abuse charges from alleged relationship that took place a decade ago. The student we're being told was just 14 years old D C police have arrested 45 year old Joan Meyer, who now lives outside of Cleveland, Ohio,.

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