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Ready to vaccinate school workers to get kids back in the classroom. Teachers in Franklin County will have the option of getting the Corona virus vaccine at Hillyer Davidson High School. A letter to parents says there will be a vaccine clinic at the Davidson Fieldhouse Tuesday, the second through Friday, the fifth. That means all Hilliard schools will be on remote learning the fourth and the fifth. It comes as Columbus City schools plan on returning to hybrid in person Learning February 1st two days in class three days at home, starting with kindergarten through third grade, 4th and 5th Grade, added the next week. I'm Jack Crumley. Also today, the CDC is advocating for the for the return of Children to the classrooms. They cite a new study saying If precautions are taken, Children will remain safe and ABC Medical contributor Dr Todd Ellen says the schools are safer than cities and towns in which they exist in some cases, little evidence. That there's any meaningful spread of covert 19 in the classrooms. The risk of transmission in the community is greater than in the classroom because our infection prevention measures in the classrooms are working. Also this week, Governor Mike DeWine says he's hopeful that the pandemics current down the word trend in the state will allow him to begin easing the state's curfew as early as tomorrow. To fully lift the curfew. Hospitalizations must be C seven consecutive days below 25 Hund. Rid patients admitted to the hospital joining the long list of those facing unemployment or underemployment challenges amidst the pandemic. A number of farm owners who are behind on their federal mortgages needs some help farm owners who are behind on loans from the U. S. Department of Agriculture's farm storage facility alone and the direct farm alone. Well now have a longer break from threats of nonjudicial foreclosure or wage garnishment. The USDA is extending those enforcement suspensions due to the continued economic hardships and agriculture caused by the cove in 19 pandemic. USDA says about 12,000 borrowers in various states of distress and delinquency will be assisted by this Evan Brown Fox News here in Ohio, The state's unemployment benefits system is still struggling to keep up with the vast amount of claims, antiquated computer systems and numerous instances of unemployment fraud found within the system. I'm unemployed. I don't get my check. And state doesn't get a processed. There's no excuse that matters to me. So for anyone who's having that trouble, I apologized to them. It has not been what I wanted to see at all. It's not been what the directors want to see the governor. The first lady is well is Lieutenant Governor John Houston. We're all victims of attempted unemployment fraud just in the past month. Use radio 6 10 telling you TV End sport is my guy. Basketball. Updated service The Legacy Retirement Group Ohio State dozing Penn State tonight a makeup game from the one postpone nearly a month ago to do a Nittany Lion covert outbreak. Tip off tonight. Seven o'clock on the Big 10 Network. Five Football Buckeye seniors Jonathan Cooper Tough Borland, Justin Hillard Bear on Browning and Trace Sermon in Mobile, Alabama. Right now, they're being looked at by NFL scouts at the Senior Bowl. The game itself coming up Saturday. Blue jackets trying to bounce back tomorrow night when those Ford again Jackets were closing in on a win last type of love the game tying goal with under three seconds left and then lost in a shoot out from the central Ohio Honda Dealer Sports Desk MATTER. COID news radio 6 10 w TV and I'm Alison Wyatt stay connected to Columbus on the hour at the half,.

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