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To save his relatives from a possible death penalty, there was emotions hearing in Pike County for his brother, George Wagner, who is still pleading not guilty. George Wagner will have another hearing in September. With his trial now scheduled for April. George and Jake's parents, Billy and Angela Wagner faced similar murder charges. No word yet on a trial date for them. I'm Jack Crumley, an Ohio woman on a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon has died of suspected heat related illness. Amidst a heat wave along the West Coast 53 year old Michelle Matter of Hudson, Ohio, was among a group of five who had made it halfway into the canyon. When she became disoriented and later died. Investigators at the Grand Canyon are working to determine the exact cause of death. Ohio State representative Bill Sites, says he has multiple issues with that bill that would legalize sports betting passed in the state Senate. And among those issues, he says the limit on how many licenses that can be granted in a given area could keep his casinos out in the cold, mythological place to put it, And yet under the Senate language are to Racine. Oh, casinos in Hamilton County would be excluded. From having any kind of be like he says He thinks the house will pass its version of the bill legalizing sports betting before the end of the year, and the American Red Cross is in desperate need for blood donations, and you can help. Some are typically a time of shortages for blood. And as the need increases, the limits on the supply of blood are pretty profound. Right now, people who are waiting on surgeries of transplants battling cancer recovering from accidents there, all right now really stressed in terms of finding Blood for them, and this year is unlike any other. We're collecting above and beyond what we plan for, But it's still not enough. We need more help. This.

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