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Good morning everyone. Welcome in to another episode of the troy. Park is a podcast at. It's not about me. It is about all of us. The twenties i- crucial time in our lives. In on this show we navigate the highs and lows of early adulthood together. Thank you so much for joining me. Hope all having a great week. I'm having a better week. Now than when i last spoke to you on monday because i was dealing with this coffee dilemma. Trying to get myself off coffee. But i'm an addict and i can't and so i'm dealing with all its brain fog in. Can't think clearly so. I apologize for. Monday's episode being all over the place due to my lack of focus. But i've made the switch to mushroom coffee couple days into it supposed to be better for your energy levels so give you some reviews for some more experience with that. Hope it all having a great week again that you're working hard that you're doing so you love that you're being physically active that you're taking a step back in this kind of analyzing things in your life as you should be in this most ambitious part of our lives. Thank you for joining on today's episode. Because i'm super excited for you all to hear a conversation that i had this week with shelby lamb for those view who don't know shelby lamb that you know. Maybe don't come back to my childhood. Shelby lamb is a girl. She was in the great above me. A lot of people liked her. Every you know..

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