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From the previous six years over thirteen years by a south african court the prison sentence for south african paralympic runner oscar pistorious tanya cone is a lawyer for the parents of the murder victim rivas steenkamp the stores has girlfriend he says eighty i could he exhausted that it will help them to heal the stories in his defense attorneys maintain he shot steenkamp through a door at remains took her for an intruder prosecutors say was a deliberate act after the two had an argument captured a suspected killer of a texas state trooper suspect that brett black has a criminal history but investigators don't know why he would have killed hooper dutch during the freeway traffic stop track to a pasture where a helicopter with an infrared camera picked him up eight point eight awful but the audio for broadcast by has police with dogs moving it at taking to bret black into custody the trooper murdered on thanksgiving was married and had three children jim ryan abc news houston a senior separatist official in eastern ukraine announcers the resignation of the rebel chief in an apparent palace coup an eight year old child was hospitalized with serious injuries after the crash of a car into a tree in which police say the child was steering while sitting on a man's lap state police say 36yearold brek reynolds of whitehall new york being held without bail it was his mother's car this is abc news companies type 604 and aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's kiera jordan and it's a good time to be out on the reds we don't have a lot of extra company that you have to deal with we have a new crash though the southbound one six seven approaching 405 and it's blocking the left lane but for now we're just seeing slowing right in that immediate area southbound 405 that's going to be our busiest drive right now as you make waves between 520 in northeast 8th we have a lot of people heading toward bellevue square and also eastbound five eighteen is getting a little bit busy just east of 99 as we have more people returning and coming through the airport here next reports.

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