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Age 65 older get vaccinated Stocks closed flat. Today You're listening to ABC News and in spite of it as dire news about California and the covert rates again, the greater Sacramento region is going to exit from the stay at home order and coming up. We'll talk to you. About the ZIP codes in California are in Sacramento. Actually, where Cove it is the worst, so we'll have that coming up shortly right now. Traffic and weather together. We'll start with JFK's Dana Hat right by the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. Just start to see some traffic starting to move here and then boom Downtown. The split eastbound cap City gonna be but 90 10 minutes because of an accident. Eastbound cab at East Ray. Two vehicles in the center divide people out of their vehicles. And this has traffic slowed it. Well, let me check it because I checked in about two or three minutes ago. Almost all the way to the transition there from 50. So you start to get heavy in the midtown area. West fellow sluggish to coming in from art into the river downtown row. The split as I say about 89 minutes Now, a split to Roseville is eight minutes. 11 minutes downtown L grove on I 5 12 minutes on 99 bodies long, especially Heavy between Mac and Sheldon Downtown. The folds of his 18 minutes a 60 minute ride the woodland North and I've five from downtown nine minutes out to Davis. Westbound 80 Inmates Boulevard essential workers on the foundation of our economy. Our families and communities depend on them here, concerned about your safety and work due to cope with 19 Take action. Learn your rights. There's a d r d i r dot CIA. DOD Go forward Slice Coben traffic on the tens, every 10 Minutes mornings and.

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