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Falls in just over an hour I'm J. Metzler fox news catastrophic conditions reported in the northern Bahamas where hurricane Dorian a category five storm slammed into elbow key then Marcia harbor on great Abaco island with wind gusts topping more than two hundred twenty miles an hour grand Bahama island expected to take a hit tonight and then we had a high pressure system out in the Atlantic and that's what's because the system to continue to move west can Graham director of the national hurricane center because this storm is so massive and its winds so strong people from Florida's east coast north to the Carolinas told to be concerned about more than the storm center fox is seven brown live from Broward county Florida where it started raining a bit yes chain and more evacuations are being called to be again over the next twelve hours along Florida's east coast Brevard county that's the space coast that's Titusville Cape Canaveral Melbourne will now order some evacuations starting at five PM eastern that's an hour from now the moving up of these evacuation orders comes as forecasters say Dorian's track is moving more westward and now bringing the storm closer to Florida Jane thank seven stay safe a per vigil three hours from now on the university of Texas Permian basin campus in Odessa those prayers for the seven people killed and nineteen wounded by a gunman who opened fire at random with an A. R. fifteen type rifle first from his vehicle then from a hijacked mail truck before that man was killed by police the postal worker shot so was a state trooper who initially stopped the man and to other police officers one from Midland another from Odessa they were shot expected to recover a seventeen month old baby girl shot in the America's listing fox news is your home basement or crawlspace foundation like a leaking down when it rains call the certified specialist at value drive waterproofing dot com for a free inspection value dry waterproofing will outline a warranty solution to manage the water entering your home unpleasant smells and allergens making their.

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