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Grand Avenue Parkway and crew still working to clear the wreck that has several lanes blocked over at Burnett Road and Water Fern and Melinda Brant, with Austin's on time traffic. This segment. 83605 90 is the phone number 512836059 He'd love to hear from you. You want to see the Longhorns give it a go this fall should they postponed till the spring? Again, The Pac 12 in Big 10 have announced today they are postponing their football season a TTE least until the spring night necessary. Are they go when their coaches and yes ladies are out there politicking to get into a different well, what tunes that it is Looney Tunes veto because especially Nebraska, where It's not only the head coach, but it's the hierarchy saying, Hey, we're open for business. Let's suit up and play football. So that's whack. It's wacky. Oh, it's wag. Yeah, examine, says his wiggly whack and wacky Whole thing. Whole thing is giving me my own card itis. We have no What is the What is what is? What is this gambling angle you had for me, Vito. Let's have that I have Ah, different Take question for both the YouTube's After we get into this, But, Jason, I know that you have a love for generously. I mean, statistics and Numbers. Just yes, and betting on them like to look at the numbers and the things you can already place. Ah, there's odds you can already placed bets on when will the Big 10 conference play its next football game? Before or during the spring 2021 sports season is listed at minus 2 10 OK after the spring. That's a heavy favorites, minus 2 10 after the spring 2021 sports season plus 1 55 Wow. That's not Esso. I would have to. Ah, I would have to get a ruling here on Nebraska if no break on rogue single teams count in his bet. If Nebraska what's that? Can I get a Sun Belt update. I saw yesterday that the Sunbelt said, Hey, we're just like the sec. We're full steam ahead and I looked it up. That's your Texas state. Bobcat setem up cats. I know one thing. Texas State They're opening game against S M u our shame you shell has been moved to September 5th, because, remember they were going to play September 5th is not going to play football, right? So they moved the game against Shane Bushell and Sonny Jackson s ING nue September 5th and San Marco. But as of today, there that is a really thing that's gonna happen. September There'll be college football in San Marcus. Maybe never ask, adjoins the Sunbelt. Here it is. Isn't that the big 12 is not going to allow the sun belt to play football in Texas, not play football? I don't know. Okay, You know, I don't know. I'm telling you look at Oklahoma was even trying to move up games. I mean, states. Texas is the way of the walk in the Big 12. But I think if all the big teams want to play And those that don't Maybe they don't play and there's I don't know what the future holds. Here's another big what if, but we were just We're told that you know the president's how you read that statement. Doesn't even sound like they're confident might happen this year. If they come back in the spring. Yes, right. Like they're not like Oh, we will definitely do. It's like we'll see and I don't know. And I mean, based on what I heard from them today and that they are playing the our student athletes. Health is the number one concern card over and over again. I don't. I think it's unlikely that they're going to play football again until there is a corona by respect, So let me ask you Let me ask you guys the winner. What it gets winner. Let me ask you guys this. There's no football this season traditionally, right? In the north with those two conferences, the big 10 and the fact that well, Okay, yeah. What if the SEC and the Big 12 continue on and have a season? What if there is no season up north ever does that change the format and the landscape of recruiting for the Southern teams? Well, I think it does, And here's another thing. If the SEC in Big 12 and a cc say we're playing, Don't be surprised of people from those those conferences affected, say, I want a transfer and I want to transfer now. This is not fair. Give me a waiver. Give Justin feels new Quarterback for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. That sort of thing. Oh, no, That's not a good thing. I don't like that at all. But my point is for those guys who are seniors or juniors. I need exposure. I want to play football. Could we see that happen? Yeah. I think you could see that happen because Heller making waivers for everybody now, so I think you could see that happened. I could even imagine. You know, some players taken large urine up taking this thing to court. If you are a senior Who was planning on, you know, making some NFL Hey for himself this year you've been you've been training all offseason. You skipped all the beer bongs and frat parties all summer long, so that you could, you know really do it this year, Jack. And now they say the Yeah, you got that You have no opportunity to play. You are inhibiting. You know that young man from from pursuing his living from from making a living. I think it's more likely that individual players try to get on other teams. Then I know that's what I mean is if they because I think the A and several of the big 10 impact all schools will be like. Yeah, right. There's no way we're going to let you just transfer immediately and do that. Could they? You know, could they threatened legal action and see that happened? This is a real turning point college football because I think the true colors are coming out When Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio State Penn State we're saying we want to play We hope to play this fall. What is bigger is this is Nebraska isn't Nebraska football ink? Or is it part of the University of Nebraska? That goes from Penn State and Michigan? Ohio statement for that matter, Texas too. Who's going to make that call? Is it Texas football eight, which we all know what isthe it's a Branch University of Texas, but they're their own money maker. There little budget makers. They're the ones who have put up the money on the front end of like all the Koven tests, whatever get of requirements and seizures and pp that they're going through on campus..

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