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Battle Gustafson and to help out it takes the puck away spends a behind the log yet to could you worked up the right chords to break it now the tool has to battle for the puck and a harpoon me fends off the hook moves ahead the bracket races into the Oilers fires and Smith is down with a butterfly save and will hold the park good whistle stopping playing faceoff will stay in the Oilers zone to Smith's right strong move by Alex to break it putting it between the states of the stick of than going around the opposite side and pick it up it's a good little shot in on the Mike Smith Mike Smith has been down at the inside is preset couple times in this game is to get the part of the net with a little bit of an awkward save again by Mike Smith it's a little bit earlier there's a lot of for Meryl the three day trip for the new general manager Ken Holland in the seven to orders why not put the goaltender Mike Smith who was with you mentioned with Kate to put in Arizona for a lot of years how much your goal of the Detroit product the the we get along so I called here against the Oilers at the heart blueline Thomas your goals a Detroit product that was brought in Riley Sheahan forty first round draft pick by Ken Holland and the red wings back in two thousand and ten in the north is nothing wrong with that bring these players in they know they've typically no kid all of one of the two what seems like it's been a good match so far for the Red Hot Edmonton Oilers he's got the puck you'll pass out the sun at sunrise reporter slammed into the glass microphone but keep the puck alive now the owners get it back McDavid passing the Caspian for the benches to dry subtle hotline Murphy stepping up checks at the sunrise casting got it back from the dentist the price level over the center of a circle will flip the function of the right wing Porter Hawkstone oh boy it's a hit from Casio works the front part of the net Murphy took it out of the states of David Murphy the near corner passing at the camp many banks and off the right side glass and down we're going to get a nice singer against the hawks.

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