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Lazio signed the bill yesterday more than two thousand illnesses linked to vaping have been reported nationwide along with more than forty deaths we are of course the largest city in the nation and when the largest city in the nation bands non tobacco flavored ease cigarettes it sends a message to everyone else that they can do it too the ban goes into effect in ninety days lawmakers in New Jersey if passed a voter referendum on legalizing marijuana voters will be able to decide whether to legalize adult use of recreational cannabis at the polls in November of twenty twenty the Democrat led assembly passed the measure forty nine to twenty four the Senate approved a twenty four to sixteen both chambers also approved a separate bill that would expedite expungement for prior marijuana convictions and criminal records for years many women call three one one to complain they were being invasively strip search while visiting loved ones in jail then they suit now the city's agreed to settle one class action lawsuit for twelve point five million dollars for the first time they've ever sell the strip search sued by visitors instead of inmates and double ACP attorney Raymond Dane described the experience one client she was required to put on pans and all of this was done in front of her five year old daughter and what I I I thought made it especially troubling was that the guard told her that this was proper procedure visitors to experience an invasive search going back to twenty twelve are entitled up to four thousand dollars the city's running advertising on buses and in newspapers to notify the public Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says he's prepared to negotiate terms for president trump's expected impeachment trial but he won several witnesses to testify New York Democrat is calling for new evidence and testimony from key White House officials whose former national security adviser John Bolton and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney these people know better than anybody else the facts there is no reason on god's green earth why they shouldn't be called and testify unless you're afraid of what they might say trump faces two articles of impeachment selection he abused the power of his office and obstructed Congress we do expect periods of rain today behind your thirty degrees it'll feel colder with the wind wind chill values between twenty five and thirty degrees there is the chance of some showers tonight and then tomorrow there's a twenty percent chance of snow in the afternoon with a high near thirty eight degrees thirty two degrees right now in New York this is W. NYC at eight oh seven support for NPR comes from the NPR shop where visitors can browse public radio nerd mugs totes teas and other NPR gear at NPR shop dot org on the next fresh air Julie Andrews she has a new memoir about her Hollywood years which began when she was brought to the Disney studios to play Mary.

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Lazio discussed on Morning Edition

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