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Walker the PODCAST NUMBER. Ten Sixty two. This is a very special episode. Today is Earth Day that this is going up April twenty second so I am putting up this podcast with Dr Jane Goodall which I recorded yesterday and she. We did video conferencing. She's in the UK right now and it was. It was an incredibly inspiring and meaningful conversation with her. She is such a beautiful soul just turned eighty six a couple of weeks ago and and busier than she's ever been. I think one of the things that so incredible is that when you're talking to her because we could see each other. Obviously it's you can see the empathy that she has for literally all living creatures and you can see it in her eyes and one of the things that she goes back to that we talk about in. The podcast is that she is just lives in the moment. She's incredibly present and you can see the presence and you can feel it and when she's talking to you she's really focused on you and it was. It was really incredible. This will go down as one of my all time. Favorites we Had A little technical glitch at the top because we were trying to for some reason. The software was muted on her end. So you know at the top of the podcast when we're talking about like oh you're you're you're not muted. We can hear you. We can hear each other that that's what that is but she was just so great. She's promoting her new documentary on NAT. Geo which is available now. It's called Jane Goodall the hope and so. Yeah so go go watch that Lydia and I watched the other night. It was spectacular. I mean seriously the things that she has accomplished and you know she just does things. She doesn't when you know when constantly she's taken pads in life if people have said Oh. You can't do that. That's not possible. And she she just does it anyway. She figures it out and she proves them wrong and she does that. Because it's something that's important to her and it's important to the world so I highly recommend you watch the documentary after you after you listened to the podcast and you know we and also she's just so sweet you know we Afterwards we were talking like after we finish the podcast about you. Know I'm I'm GonNa make a donation to the institute. I was inspired to make a donation to our institute after we talked. And by the way if you WANNA learn more about the work. She's doing or the work her institute is doing or the the the program for children roots and shoots that she started. You can go to Jane Goodall Dot Org. So we're talking about pop culture and sort of television and stuff and she said Oh. I don't really don't really have time to go see movies. I if I do watch. Tv It's usually like nature documentary. But if I really want to relax I watch Agatha Christie or Poirot and it just it just seemed so perfect so wonderful and anyway. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this. Podcast as much as I enjoyed having the conversation and that it that it inspires you a in a myriad of ways in the last thing I'll say is that in one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. Yours truly was a contestant on celebrity jeopardy the first question that I buzzed in on and got right. She was the scientist who lived in the forest with the chimpanzees to study them. Who is Jane Goodall? Yes so it all came back around twenty three years later. It's possible I'm reading too much into the connection of that at any rate. I'm very proud to say that this is the ID ten episode number ten sixty two with Dr Jane Goodall Ice Protocol Feverishly Typing. Like maybe it's a preference in a setting or trying to trouble shoot. You got it to work. I'm so glad loves sonny. I've got a thing which was before the aim news so I am not before. That's what I'm used you know. Technology is supposed to make our life simpler. It just complicates things.

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