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It i find it odd an interesting and funny that it has to be this i don't know this long drawnout explanation on why why somebody would need the right to defend themselves and i and i love this too this is a clip actually the john birch society put this up and it was a it was a clip in and the main clip was it was from nineteen seventy 77 and the clip said gun crime is not stopped by guncontrol gun crime it's not just a gun control how simple is this how simple as this so easy i mean he can't get any simple or but but there by gosh there are people that uh guns do oh i'm sorry guns do not cause crime people caused crime issues now guns gun control will not help gun crime does not get solved with gun control in i know you just baffling melt my head just exploded in the netherlands soonhoon guns were bands who and after that happened the dick crime rates started going up in the police had to come up with a way to fight crime back so what did they start doing they started stopping people who were driving cars that they looked like they couldn't afford and they started confiscating property from people who who couldn't prove how they paid for it right the assumption being if you can't prove how you paid for this them you must have gotten it through some illgotten gain right and that's the policy now in rotterdam that's the police chief of rotterdam's policy if somebody looks like they have something that's the beyond their billeted a pay for we pull a over he says we confiscate rolex watches all the time a bag of i just can't even it you can't if you couldn't have paid for it i mean that regardless of its a gift or you prove how you paid for by confiscated the ruling us they confiscated in in 2016 the city of rotterdam confiscated eleven point five million euros in money and goods from citizens that couldn't prove how they paid for oh my gosh now i thought that when i first read that i thought will thank god that can happen here in the united states of america and then i remembered a man asset forefeiture has a little that pesky little thing they pass the ability to do just man that is that.

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