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Scary that someone can just walk up to an office holding a baseball bat and just start swinging at innocent victims. The suspect is identified as 49 year old chewing cock trend Pham of fairfax, and he faces malicious wounding charges. U.S. capitol police have joined fairfax police in the investigation. Connolly calls the attack unconscionable and devastating. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO. And did an interview with CNN just minutes ago last hour, Connolly said, the two staff members attacked, including that intern, are now out of the hospital. We'll keep you updated here at a WTO dot com. The team charged in the attempted shooting of a Washington commander's player this summer has been detained again. The Washington Post reports that the 17 year old had been let out of youth services custody several months after the robbery and allowed to live with his father while wearing an ankle monitor, but he cut the monitor according to prosecutors in February and vanished. Police say he was picked up a few weeks ago with a narcotic on him, a judge today ordered him back to youth services custody until he's 21 years old, running back Brian Robinson junior was shot twice leaving a store in northeast in August. He did recover and ended up playing several games for the commanders this past season. Now to a horrendous experience for a woman who was thrown into a U haul van in southeast D.C. Friday night and then driven around for hours, a Glendale man is under arrest in this case, accused of forcing the victim to strip and threatening to drive her hundreds of miles away before crashing his vehicle and being caught by police, now is WTO's John dolman report, the suspect appeared in court today. 62 year

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