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Studies I have found the time in green and blue space is associated with that I can attest to this because you know when I take a hike in the woods Pasco park has some great trails I mean you can go out and really you know just enjoy nature yes in fact there are some other places are not too far from the Baltimore area that may not be processed because state park brewer but are just as wonderful now would you like to go one of my favorite places is the Patuxent woods Forrest was that that is actually it's it's divided in half the northern part is right there at the border of Howard County and Montgomery County and the southern border of the southern portion is south of the Patuxent River okay I can't remember what yeah yeah Kelly said Wednesday thanks for staying yeah but we have some beautiful nature here again associated with reduced anxiety reduced depression and the connection may very well be called so because on the physical side there was an interesting meta analysis in that actually in the journal of environmental research a couple years ago found that people who spend more time in what's called forest bathing getting out in nature getting out in the woods are full of fresh oxygen had significantly reduced risk for not only stress and anxiety also reduced risk for chronic health issues including reduced risk of coronary heart disease lower blood pressure lower cholesterol reduced risk of type two diabetes I'm not kidding reduced risk of type two diabetes reduced levels of stress the stress hormone called cortisol and that's what causes people like us as we start to age to gain weight it also reduced the heart rate and reduced all cause mortality from death of heart disease some studies have found that people who spent more time in nature had greater activity of immune cells known as natural killer cells well then then that that's what they do they kill the bad cells so get out of the park and breathe in some fresh air make sure that you have have spread to social distancing of course but it might be a good habit for all for your body as well as your mind now researchers have also found that writing down five things was good that you're grateful for maybe just once a week had significantly linked to increased well being yeah especially now a lot of people are are still isolated unfortunately and other studies have found that of course gratitude right I was grateful for I can think of a lot of things I could probably write down a hundred things I'm grateful for this life you know the vices can be so wonderful I am Ribeiro E. this is a five hit your radio show I know I discuss of my political opinion and their health of his well but if you would like to come on.

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