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To double where the time now is three 38. And when it breaks, good morning to rich hunter, and the WTO traffic sign. Good morning dean, they are starting to pick up a couple of big work zones this morning. First one on the analytic of the ballet headed south the American legion bridge toward the dulles toll road, they have now begun to back up their backing up back toward the Georgetown pike. It'll be a while before they pick it up completely. Still single file left, get you by, but at least they are clearing, but keep in mind as you come across the American legion bridge visibility is almost down to zero. Please low beams or fog lights do not use high beams and please watch your speeds, going into that work zone again. Very poor visibility coming across the legion bridge in the Virginia. Now, works on down in Fredericksburg 95 northbound issued north of the rappahannock past U.S. 17 up toward Senate poor Parkway. They are also starting to pick up that work sound. Looks like the exit to U.S. 17 has been reopened so that's good news. But again, they are backing up. It'll be a while before that's completely wrapped up in cleared as well. But again, it looks like by the time you're at 17 you now have two left lanes getting by, so that's an improvement as well. Now again, the change on 66 eastbound. It did have everyone diverted at one point earlier this morning to route 50, traffic now can go east on 66 up to one 23. That's where you're being diverted now. It looks like for the moment they stop traffic for the moment when they're shifting some stuff around. Hopefully you'll get moving again here momentarily. Everyone was being diverted at one 23, but for the moment they stopped traffic that was being diverted to one 23. It looks like troopers moving, so you'll be able to exit there again. And again, if you're in the express lanes, you're being taken off at the fairfax county Parkway, all the on ramps between the fairfax county Parkway and the Vienna metro are closed to keep traffic off of 66 so they can finish their investigation work again crash occurred early this morning just before 1 o'clock eastbound 66 just underneath the one 23 overpass. So that remains closed, also in the city of fairfax eastbound 50 or 29 50 fairfax boulevard was also blocked near Stafford drive for a police investigation. It's a very merry super Saturday at Ashley this weekend from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday save 25% off all furniture visit home store home stores online for the Ashley store nearest you rich hunter WTO traffic. We've got one more mile day across our region before the cooler weather starts to move on in here. First of all, your Thursday morning starting off with some fog in parts of the area. Most of us though are dealing with some pretty good conditions for the most part, and that's going to be the case this afternoon, too. May even see a little sunshine

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