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Grade on page. Thing is people say we we monkey around? But we're too busy singing to put in doubt. We're trying to be friendly. I see in fact, come and watch US sing and play because we're we're the new generation and I really think we got something to say. Don't you think say the monkeys. Monkeys hey we shouldn't be forced to write up trees and get coconuts we shouldn't. Jeffey. said that they're chained right when they're not yet be the monkeys are chained. Some of them. Are Putting collars on them, putting collars on them and chaining them. But you know that means that they you know are safe. Means saying, what would it mean? Say Well it can't run into the road get hit by a car. Okay. Me Kids are safe. Kidnapped now as funke's chained. Okay and then they do they train them to go up the tree they go up to three they twist coconuts and coconut drops down. Why is that so difficult to understand? I don't understand why I have to care about these freaking monkeys I really don't the world is on fire. Fire diesel are rioting and burning down buildings. are closing because they have anybody in them. and. We're worried about monkeys climbing trees were coconut. Yes I don't understand also found out this week. You were here yesterday we had the story, but we also found out this week. Men can now have periods well. So, well, mean have you ever had I had some pity periods. payday period periods, and always have a lot of women in the house. And they're all. They're all menstruating just kind of a pity. No pity period with them. Sure. What does your? Bloated. Okay well, yeah you're. That's what I mean. Make any but you're always bloated so you're always into always Late right is you're showing or are you saying hurt your feelings I said Alan I. Heard the words coming out that it makes you sad than it hurts your feelings and I will stock. has made a fat joke. About himself, how much he loves it, you need to tell us what you're saying. He will never tell us what you see more it's to hurt. First of all fat people have feelings to do. Even, athletically overweight people. Do Yeah. Okay Yeah but you're right though you're right. Though society is no longer at the point where we can prioritize monkeys and it. I don't understand why I'm supposed to care about that. Really I mean I do I I'm sorry should be beating the monk now we should. Do. I do I honestly. CARE. I don't want that to happen though, but I don't want the coconut. So get your ass up there to get the coconut. I will say we turned on. Documentary or I guess. It's a sort of a nature show from Disney for my grandson the other day it was about monkeys gay and at the very beginning of this monkey show. They tell you that these are all refugees. There's three hundred of them in their this monkey reserve now where people take really good care of right. Things, and they've got fun things to play struggled before they got their struggled big time because they were research monkeys. So. They were no doubt experimented on. Feel sorry for. Not. I. Don't want that happened. Why do we even let him out research monkeys they should have just be done with them hold on. So what? About. It we're taking care of them still what level of animal Testing on then you know what? Yeah. Well I. I have. No living should be tested on isn't that are that no living no animal whose be tested on however if it's saving human lives, right? We are not sure I can go there with you really if it. If that means the difference between curing cancer and not. Are you going to test on monkeys? I must say, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. If. That would be. Absolutely big time animal lovers grid. So. Pita she's she doesn't care without hesitation we would say yes. So we have to factor in two things the the animal, right there's that one sliding scale and then also the disease or whatever. We're trying to figure out you know, and then somewhere that that meets for. I don't know where mine is I have to really sit there and think I mean that's the same with cattle right? Do I want them? Yes. Yes. We want eat up yet. No what do we do? I, want him killed so I can have a stake. Yes. Sure. Yeah. So does it really matter to me that they suffered? Brier to become an. ON THEM TO SUFFER Steak Buzzed I. DON'T WANNA. Know you know what? I WANNA know? Don't tell me about. I like to think that it used to be cal. State. Where came from? Care it tastes good. This particular refrigerated she'd at the.

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