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Yeah. He always had his trousers a little bit. Go all george. So that was that for his dancing you think or was yeah matches. Probably tissue has fee to watch yet. I was always always look. I love gene. Kelly love to be gene kelly. He's a love tying tope and a pan. I like to have my sleeves. When of koita short of a load mislead to exactly this point of my arm or do love c- core line sleeves on anthon. Two people ever make clothes come here Beasley ultimate everson up to here. When she fails you'll sexiest. Would you not to do not just that were not come into your emotional. The capillary snuff. Somebody asked me that a while ago. And i said you know you've never really done like tits and arse does we'll know i spit. Don't think the. I don't wanna be excessive. Would not francis let the covid away on blowing. The talent dentals may who are absolutely jonker pulled up logic. See me. i was like that. Sue sakes but that's my perception says the i think that sexy you know Alad vote on worth Up in the red dress lying on a sofa News the first time. I ever should legs but for me when i did. I understand einstein for for me. I like a look at it from the outside so basically all ideas i knew i wanted to look like so then. I just can't new you know i'm just like well i don't want to do with sex is supposed to light so i can basically impersonates it because i think the sexy isn't a word that i don't choose to associate that word with myself very liberating. I don't need to be fucking sexy. Gone too old above anything else and so i totally get. I absolutely agree with you. I do not see too with. I don't associate to wear a pair really sex it for me. Somebody that's really good. Do among that sexy it makes you go all them. Oh that's all god really attractive the really trucks because they're really the audit knew what you stop this. In control of the destiny to me that sexy. I'm like so. I think it basically is dependent on. Were you define our sexy by think it's award. The basically most people would st- associated referred into a women's weeding in high she looks with. Ioc is that atoll completely agree. And i think. I think there are very few women who would who feel comfortable being cool sexy and they would never think of it themselves and it's like when you were younger and everything's kind of standing to attention. You too insecure to want to be absolutely so when is a woman ever when when. When's the best time for a woman to say to some. I want to look sexy. And i'm happy being sexy. I've never felt a you. I think i have either on. Yeah i i've never i do think that ever saw. Yeah exactly said. I've never saw. Yeah look i've never looked thought. Yeah i'm saying see feel. I'm never thought this never occurred to me ever have looked at things where you know i look at things are work on record season google. Yeah i agree. Weird is weird are never. I've never had this conversation. Never saw a better and you've let sleepy go on. actually. I've never way sex inevitably my whole life. I remember years ago. Good indika Or something charlie stand on was there and i and i was introduced anonymous in on walking towards. And i'm not kidding you. I could kill the music damage. Walk ten joint lecture. This will work towards the list. And i thought oh my god designed sexy but she was really but i wanted to snap because she looked like she looked like peaches and jim kazman her skin was she just looked like in these shoulders. She just thought. I thought obey. She smells really clean in fraiche. I thought and all those things together with like that that sexy the best power isn't it's not yet to me of little harm soap You know nothing is probably one of the thames but it was a. It wasn't a just wish alert. Wasn't she this smile as she had this. Just confidence nest just but it wasn't again anyway to sunai suggest everson about it just seemed like she just wouldn't it and everything was together to not package with sexy. You'll say right in saying that. It's i think with p. Pull its w-what. They're doing that sexy. Their personality can be sexy for me. That i really sexy is like a new set. One rule in mo- we thought that to me is pure track Talk because it's because we've never had the brand new. It's brand new. And i was letting yeah. Yeah it's like you know. Things that i do find is i can say a table and goal offset that i you know at that point. I think i'm bunny mail in. Do you know what i mean. So that's the problem with me. I ll eleven. A licensed needs really weird because somebody was something that i wanted to buddy belan with do it and they were like who the fox bunny nalen and i was like. You could binding alan as your. Can you go you like you know. It's one of those who yeah i. Allegedly i jumped between one in be katherine hepburn. Bunny mellon but a martha stewart threw it in their norwich went to jail. I your office stewart. The most serious. I'm cain if. I'm a martha author questionable very But yeah i'm a bit lake. That is being just late. I to do with the dress and things is i jump. Electorally job in in a Of really feminine really masculine. Because i can't see the boundaries because for me donald boundaries of his new boundary. Therefore i will be whoever. I wanna be whenever i wanna be it so great. And what's your worst wardrobe malfunction when you're close of let you down. I had the move win on. Its own phil photograph me. Ninety-nine i was doing press is ali in i talk when we can talk leaders and we were doing improvable and i just thought.

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