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The eagles nine Dr Phil McGraw Ten Cannella Alvarez Alvarez Dr Phil that is so interesting is interesting especially because all the top ten is really comprised of so many different types of celebrities like reality star musician athlete band like there's so many different different types celebs it. I find it so interesting that not one category dominated the top ten like you would think maybe all the athletes would be at the top or the musicians yet right. That's what we currently so impressive right but like Dr Phil McGraw makes it. I'm sorry the Eagles are actually yes shocking Dr Villas listen shocking to me when I found out that <hes> judge Judy the highest paid woman on television per episode. She's making fifty million dollars a year like good for her so it didn't shock me because Dr Phil Literally never stops working as T._v.. Show radio show podcast now and he's so well respected in his field and he just literally says nothing on the Eagles is quite shocking. What is the eagles band team Google what they say forget I get them confused with with the police who there's a lot of them and then when I think of the police I always think of that episode of Friends Scale Number Fifteen is dwayne Johnson? Dr Phil is making more money than John. That's crazy. Johnson is a cell number twenty s Jay Z.. Dr Phil is making more money. They'll change on US making more than juicy see. That's Shocking Hotel California really. I always think that William Hung saying that's really the guy from American idol. I know him getting guys my God Number Twenty Medians uh-huh oh I didn't. I thought you were serious because maybe he performed on American idol. Did that's memories. He never made it through. Oh my God I can't William Hung Sang that song on American idol addition and it was like so bad everyone's dying and it went totally viral that was like the. I don't think I'd always was I. I actually think it was like Ricky Martin me to like bangs she wasn't she vague. Google it right so William Folk American idol audition I don't. I don't know if I'm right but I just pretty sure it's not hotel California. Okay Wait William Hong American idol audition. I'm here. I'm here but like I have to listen to okay so we'll continue out saying that you're right she as yeah but I would you know fencer Google Margot okay. I'm sorry if three people are actually like one hundred percent. Why don't you google it everyone saying he was she bangs? Fuck Yeah. He was like yeah right here Ricky Martin William Song She bangs okay so now I understand why you didn't get my job okay because it is factually incorrect okay so I'm glad that we all figured it out. I really do I remember being home to California. I don't know and he only had one on one he went on but he's look Islam all different song yeah he was the one hit wonder okay some other notable celebs number twenty beyond saying number twenty two ellen they left on number twenty one and Split Tie for twentieth. Maybe let me go back. Twenty and twenty are Jay Z. and beyond say oh the tide married but she says they gather income and then they probably split it in half Forbes. Yeah I mean I find that I find that to be very low on the list for them especially because they only media property so it's like title that would be like Steve Jobs being number twenty rock nation the title like was titles not successful but they they're pretending like Novus what she's saying is that they have so many other business interests other than music that would really probably put them way above Conway Yeah Yeah Kylie but no but not because Kenya has easy and Kylie has kind of cosmetics and you see Connie on the cover of Forbes yes. I'M GONNA get to that for this issue so we had twenty six. Kim Riana is thirty six travis Scott is thirty nine row good for him. Wow so rocky get out of jail but this is so crazy. Scarlett Johansson is number forty seven like that makes more because of marvel comic book men like into the Plus is Jewish comic world yet because I need some marvel or DC comics money because that is the money that the money deter she's in and out yes dark phoenix she will be why is she here like so. Some of these like it makes sense when you look at it but then it's like okay how is Scarlett Johansson making more than Toby Turner who also did game of thrones this year game of thrones because if you think about it was like eight episodes and let's say she made a million APPs so they didn't really like Emilia Clarke that that realm was like five hundred grand right so she was probably like just a little bit less and this is like her first start Phoenix movies. There's probably didn't get paid as much as Carl. She'll be there soon yeah. She will be less than five years. Yeah judge judys fifty nine then Steve Harvey's sixty-nine Doctor Phil's making way more than Steve Harvey Steve Harvey work so much harder. He does everything he literally says. He'll just as actor Kevin I think he has a podcast. Steve Harvey hosts like four different shows interesting and is a radio show a daytime talk show interest does all the things that Dr Phil and then so much more and are on the ground as sixty two which is so crazy is but you're the one who told me that like when you make music Larry takes a year for you to get that music so Taylor the money for writing songs so Taylor is now in twenty nine hundred reputation came out in two thousand eighteen and now she's the highest. I think that makes sense whereas maybe next year are a grind. It will be much higher on the list because this year was of music. Yes yes I. I hope that is the case because Taylor didn't have she was so quiet all year so I already number one is it has to be residual right now. It takes like net sixty payday. I'm ready for Kylie to be number. One on this list I just think like that would be so epic and it would really be report like an accurate representation of our culture. You know what I mean like. She really is so like twenty nine thousand nine yeah and she's so like she's a representative of what Instagram Reality T._v.. Influencing can do right but like for her to be the highest paid celebrity all the other bitches out here doing it do at the corporate way yeah would be why and like with quote unquote talent like with a skill yes with the trade. Okay and Tony is on the cover of Forbes under Connie's hood a rare. A peek inside the kinetic chaotic creative mind behind a billion dollar sneaker empire so Kim posted his cover and wrote the sweetest caption Connie on the cover of Forbes so in crowd so incredibly proud of my husband I watched every day how hard he works and how much of his heart and soul he puts into his business every idea and product that he creates. It's of no surprise to anyone who works with or is close to Connie that he has been able to turn millions of dollars in debt into a billion dollar empire only four years one hundred percent on his own terms while owning one hundred percent of his business he inspires me every Susan Dey and I'm so happy that he he is finally getting the recognition and credit that he deserves that is so impressive and I'm so this came out because I'd be like ever since they went on that crazy where he was four million dollars in debt and asking Mark Zuckerberg for money on twitter <hes> no one's taken him or his business seriously but he's just been quietly with his head down. Working like now has a billion dollar business. That's the second one in the family I feel like also when he talks about his success. People always go back to he's broke you know like how successful but in the words of Derek Hemsley every businessman at one point in another other has been bankrupt. Yes so like this is what theory should throw in Camille space. There's also this was only four years ago even though advocate US magazine is reporting that P._k.. Injuries accounts have been frozen as their failed to pit at what would two million dollar loan shit yeah. I really don't WanNa hear that new. I know like I need the facade that they have going to keep up because I love it joined there like extravagant privileged lifestyle right because like the way that she spends the money who knows that that's the whole how they procured procured it. It's like she. I love watching her spend. It and I love watching her like Glam and everything I can't. I can't emission anyways. I'm happy for him yeah yeah. I'm having family yeah truly so. Who Do you think the next billion dollar business is going to come to him? I think the shape wear like might be at for even though they don't have a dollar and sales yet. I think had that with the K. K. W. American no way good American is very successful. I Know David but chloe doesn't own all of it where it's at now it's. I don't know that it's going to get much bigger but it's pretty big. It's yeah it's really jail. She has sex successful business but it's not really quietly. I really liked when when you watch keeping up with the Kardashians they're always talking about their businesses like how hard they work in. The KHLOE really doesn't like she just gets shit done and like she really. I don't think she owns and hazard American pop socket right. I hate that pop socking logo. I hate the logo. It looks like a corporate logo like she went to some conference and got corporate. I think Nordstrom owns a percentage of it. New Like it looks like see like eight looks like like yeah. No it really bothers me that pop sake. It looks like something I once got C._B._S.. Framework or <music> AD week yeah like you to make it then he cheddar rent. I could go like something written out like good American script. Whatever just pop second pisses me off because I want someone else's hand in G had it on once and it was like what is that or you could get a joke? It's no morning shows pop song and it's no toast from the while pop second and certainly not a here's the thing certainly certainly not the Russians are breaking in are going to be happy or more proud of them who might be the next billion billion dollar business. Are you kidding me. Are they even make she's getting like what are they make money to blog affiliate links. That's just it's literally the saddest thing. It's just something of affiliate links a segue into our next. Semi influence are related story yeah. This is so crazy story so crazy. I'm going to read the whole thing because I need everyone saw I need all hands on deck here. Amanda Ciphered Slams influence for quote flaunting lifestyle amid criticism over her body image and her privilege Amanda Cypher is He's speaking out about the importance of social media personalities using their influence responsibly after something navy's Ariel charges received backlash for perpetuating and unrealistic body image with a photo of her Postpartum Bikini Body safely posted a screen shot of a comment left on Charles's this photo by Amanda Schaefer Sprint Sophie Flack in which flack called Charlie's alpern acknowledging her wealth and privilege that may have contributed to bounce back after childbirth. The writer went on to say the charm is glorifying and unhealthy body image regardless of whether it's natural build or not although safety said the influence our since blocked her flak safe read rights. We have to be open to the discussion surrounding what we're promoting okay so basically fantasy. Preach friend left like it was a well worded trolley only comment if I think this is the comment okay so it says one totally fine that you're privileged then good for you. I am too ish got. No probably all sharing are thin primer just like I've a Prada bag so to you so we are got no problem with either of those things but you're you're here like slamming her privilege problem but if you don't acknowledge how your wealth make your workout such body possible you're just perpetuating the patriarchal totally unrealistic notion that mother should bounce back after childbirth an impossibility for anyone who can't afford ample childcare which is almost everyone you want in this country lots to unpack here. I know so condescending to honey child. You are glorifying an unhealthy body image. I don't care if it's natural..

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