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I've been talking with a lot of bracelet winners this summer. And we've talked a lot about their game that they won. So, you know, I have done this many times on the show for the people who are loyal listeners to my show. Everyone knows that douche to 7 is the game that I talk about. I profess. I love it. I travel across the country. Literally flown to LA to play in the LA PC just deduced to 7. That was it. I literally went over there to play that, maybe one other event and flow all the way back to Boston. So I love deuce to 7. So I'd love to kind of get your thoughts about deuce to 7. And for people who are listening, they've heard me say a lot about it, but obviously it'd be great to hear the 16 time WP bracelet winner talk about deuce to 7.2. What are a couple of piece of advice for people who, you know, they only see no limit in front of it and go, I'll play that. You know, like, so what did piece of advice would you say to players who are considering playing it and you know, to me, I said this to somebody previously, I said, Phil helmet winning the deuce to 7, no limit tournament is a huge boost for the game. Because now more eyes are going to be on it, right? Like God willing I ever win it. I'm not going to have the influence. You have the influence to be like, you know, oh, wow, Phil won this event. What's this event? And then they're going to look it up and then kind of talk about it. And, you know, I'd love for them to understand why this game is so great. I also have said to Jack Ethel, he should make a half no limit hold them half deuce to 7 77. Wouldn't that be phenomenal? I think that would get literally increased the deuce to 7 field by 25 to 50% the next year just that alone. 7 handed deuce to 7 no limit hold of no limit back and forth. I think he did make it a big bet game where he added plo. I get it. But that to me doesn't get the random people because there are going to be people who are scared of plo. There are no one who's afraid of no limit holding because that's the game that everyone you're talking 90% of the population in poker now just add deuce to 7. I think a lot of people are like, I'll give that a shot. Why not? And I think that would be a phenomenal phenomenon. But anyway, Jack hasn't done it. So. But yeah, let's go back to that. What piece of advice would you give players who are starting out deuce to 7? What would you say to them to kind of help them acclimate to the game? Well, I mean, I think it's a game where it's a game where, you know, a lot of the top pros are moving in. They get a 7 draw. So it has to have a decent evidence. So they might have a 7 6 5 boost. And they're re raising all in on draws like that playing big pots. And you know, that's weird that might not be my style as much. You know? But there are times, obviously you have to do that. I saw people calling off insane amounts.

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