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At subaru dot com slash rally thanks for tuning into the down in thirty radio show available live online in syndication on networks across the us and available internationally on the american forces network welcome back to the downunder radio show powered by polaris razor jimmy ramey hood here on the line by weekend winter taking his very first ever trophy truck overall victory riley herbs hasn't been going riley good how you doing doing yeah he he's getting ready to some monster jam i'm getting ready for the utd world championship life is life is good i think life is even better for you right now though how was that i mean we'll talk about arket everything else but dude you grew up off road to jump in the truck and take it over what's it like to get your first ever overall victory in a trophy truck man thankful for my outed to let me in my buddies aing run the race in barks at super cool i really understand how much this sport events my fam after winning how happy my dad wasn't stuff that it's typical to see how this sport means so much to my family to continue to legacies also yeah i know you know kasha i mean going back to i guess your grandpa i mean you know herbs have been synonymous desert racing and mike when you were coming up through the ranks to me like i grew up in offroad to and you know it was like all right riley's gonna go you know the dirt we're going to see him in a trophy truck at some point or maybe shortcourse truck or something like that then you kinda with the other direction which was probably the smarter direction to be honest with you but then it was like everybody's like well what we see riley in a trophy truck because i wanna see that kid in one at some point.

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