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Tellem Scott sent you got to use the promo code Scott they get the good deals aren't Breanna from bill's mark who was telling us about some of the efforts related to the early county commission meeting is going to chat with us later on the program this our sixty two it should be here a little bit right now we walk the program the thirteenth president of the university of North Dakota the former dean of faculty at the US airforce academy in Colorado springs he is a former US Air Force brigadier general doctor Andrew Annika how are you Sir says Scott I'm good how are you wonderful I'm looking forward to having many many conversations over the years but this is a good chance for us to welcome you to a the university of North Korea this there's love by a lot of people in every corner of the this great state so welcome thank you and it's not just with only great statements around the nation about the people you're in Colorado who are you anti grads who have reached out to making graduated me and I know that the great state of North Dakota is represented nationally very well yeah we have that airforce well you know connection with obviously you and the but also what with the airforce base you Andy but also give the pilots that are coming up you you you know you in the way back to the order guard yours the Clifford yours is pretty phenomenal they're they're spread out all over at the they are right and in fact many airforce ROTC graduates go through the program through the mediation program and that become great pilots for bush and double checked on the flight back to Colorado the great interactions with yeah and your graduated twenty two and again in Johnson circle with who passed along his regards as he overheard the conversation about my solution is the thirteenth president someplace I'm not hiding you Eddie graduates in aviation graduates all over the place one of your career do you think best bets for your leadership as president of you in the well I've had many years of study or force academy most military members don't spend as much time in a single place of twenty years as a senior academic literacy of course academy involved with the broad institutional decisions everything for project across all of the curriculum issues and and athletics as well and so I think the preparation and the work that we've done at the airforce academy test me up nicely that similarities between the people who choose to go to these two schools airforce academy about service it's about they're working on academically honest they had to do some the students at the university of North Dakota they're just absolutely wonderful people work hard and want to make a difference in the world tell me about your leadership philosophy I would think with a military about background there be some in the education community it's a you know is is is is this going to be a you know more of a military style leadership from from you in the which by the way I would think would be anything but a good thing but you know what what I how do you transition from from a military leader to an education later what a great question and most people have form their opinion of what the literary leadership is based on Hollywood movies and other types of kind of public displays that to be an effective military leaders you need to strong sense of collaboration selling ideas and indeed some certain some settings you do have to make tough calls and say we're moving in a certain direction let's go about at a university of course collaboration and participation by students faculty and staff in the decision making process these is important and that's actually gonna style that I've used very effectively force academy trying to involve the ideas of this of the many rather than the ideas of the person top what do you think you any most needs right now well not a ghost abilities and that I know about the sense of the cohesion and then bringing the community together the sense I had on campus was we just that that they're looking for a person is going to be fully committed to the institution for open for an extended period of time and that's what I bring up but we also have to combine that with the vision of what we can do academically stuff the great strategic plan was created by the camp one did you read the and that really out why did I struggled from the future direction of the campus I think that's a great starting point was a takeover is the president and it provides a great foundation to build from but focusing on on the the undergraduate education the liberal arts component make sure that everybody's well well founded but on the technology side there's a let down grand challenges for researching five key areas everything from World Health on a beach in unmanned systems and also tried to wrestle with big data and what challenges exist there is a lot of those tremendous opportunities on the campus to to grow you know the university of North Dakota has a had a challenge a post Tom Clifford and I always used to joke with people that in a filing Tom Clifford like following Ronald Reagan just never going to be anything that can down you know there and it said that was just the the the club for legend man was your friend of mine and and a wonderful wonderful leader he just was fabulous but I mean poor Ken Baker has to come in after him it okay but you know always a little bit of a challenge and then took up cello a kind of the same thing not exactly the best bet professor and you know didn't go well at all the controversy over the name and and then you go to wives name forget it scared me right now doc of president Kelly Bob Kelly who was you know but most by most people's up you know description non sort of retirement track you know I mean you're young guy you're you're younger than I am I feel old the the the president you and he is younger than I am all my gosh but you know I you know I mean at present Kelly was it was checked out it was it was it was going on to something else so a lot of that Grand Forks in a business community leadership community you and the family and and supporters over the years are almost before worn out by all this and more Kennedy was a friend of mine but you know it wasn't that the perfect fit obviously and and and and and and yeah that you mention that one you any plan yeah the first time I talked to mark Kennedy about his plans for you any mention when you Andy and and and and doing that and that's a pretty good framework if he doesn't get a lot of credit for but there were some good things there too you know how do you think you just operate in that environment knowing that since Clifford you've got a lot of folks that are just in it you talk about the stability earlier but how do how do you just put all that in the past and really put the people of these so you can put you in the war we all want it's a real challenge of course when you come to have the legendary figure that complements name showed up at the beginning of of of my search anytime I spoke with somebody from the university a lot hi or or others Tom Clifford name always came up and it was clear that he had the respect of the you have a dispatcher on campus that that you would expect of a president and then every every other president subsequently I had a great contributions as well in their own way and with strong personality all all you do is offer my commitment hello the students faculty and staff of the university and then that'll put my heart soul into everything we do the hi my own leader I hate to cut bring some characteristics that will will will be embraced by the university but I don't pretend to be Tom Clifford not to put yourself up against a benchmark like that and and have people expect you to be just like him but I am myself I I have one of the purchase of a policeman but some cheesy I used to tell you that I said this in the interview but foundation built on loving your people in other words take care of them deeply in a way that allows them to grow and to become a great citizen there are those people you know your cabinet your faculty your staff your students are all of the above I would only one and it's the the local Grand Forks community being active there and working closely with the state legislature at the of course the the board of higher education for the state and so it's it's really everyone to them the foundation is in terms of training people to respect goes in every direction to everyone on the campus tell me one thing that you think you're super excited to to to put into the Max that you think this will be just perfect you've given us a fabulous overview of your overall planning and strategy and I have no doubt as a general you're going to you're going to execute that with a precision but it what what what would be one thing that we can look back to three years that started because the oppression armor cost game due to you Andy that you think will be most impactful on you and the well I think a a restoration of the campus culture but specifically on programs the first thing I want to do is sit down with that one do indeed planted involved for the campus community and figure out what what directions do we have the resources or do we need the resources to to take off on I think we were just stepping out into the idea of of big data the with the growth of the data science program and and some analytics programs and and how we how we understand the role of those students developing that the right way to live in this this autonomous world this is what they're calling industry four point no so the sports industrial revolution and how do we give them the tools to succeed not just technically but also one of unnecessary human component of so you'll see a lot of effort growing areas such as you AT and big data eidetic there's resources available so to really capitalize upon those growth areas but again there's other areas that will emerge and I'm I'm sure the conversations with the campus community as we really tighten up strategic plan well we look forward to a new chapter in the leadership of the university North Dakota and of certainly.

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